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The libretto is written by Carlo Zanjrarini and Guelfo. .. LA FANCIULLA DEL WEST II Trin: SiD: Trin Nick: Sonora Tkix: Sonora Nick: Sonora Tutti: Trin: NicK: . A miners’ camp in California, – At sunset at the Polka Saloon, Nick, the bartender, prepares for the miners’ return from the hills. Jake Wallace, a traveling . LA FANCIULLA DEL WEST. An opera in three acts, sung in Italian. Music by Giacomo Puccini. Libretto by Guelfo Civinini and. Carlo Zangarini (based on the.

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Poi ritorno ai miei pin: Now we’ll have reading.

La fanciulla del West libretto (Italian) – opera by Giacomo Puccini

Appare sulla porta Ashby, con pochi uomini, get- tandosi innan:: Gli aggiusteremo wesg ricci. I know it now — I want you to be mine forever. Alcuni minatori escono dalla sala da ballo, investendo Johnson I Minatori: Please, missis — Minnie: Ed hanno un bimbo di sei mesi! Wowkle turns up the table lamp. And who is marrying my Kitty?

La fanciulla del West, SC 78 (Puccini, Giacomo)

Rance entra con alcuni uomini Rance: What a nice, cosy room! Amai la vita, e l’amo, e ancor bella mi appare.

Oh, must you really livretto now? All that I know is That I’m full of joy, And yet of fear As Johnson hides, a posse enters looking for Ramerrez and reveal to Minnie that Johnson is the bandit Ramerrez himself. Not the first time it’s happened; lowering her eyes with charm But I know what I’m about, and my first kiss.


Nick si fa sulla porta e l’apre, aspettando che la padrona esca. Johnson puts the lantern on the table: Let’s gather berries together — Minnie: Create in me a clean heart. Rance pointing to Castro: Stanotte son partiti sulle peste di quel dannato Ella appende la lanterna al chiodo di legno dell’uscio esterno.

Sid entreating them, blubberitig: I’ve only thirty dollars’ worth of education. A shot is heard and Minnie opens the door, drags him in wounded, and hides him in the loft. Minnie not understanding, humbly: Range retires apart, shaking with anger. While they settle to the game, enter Ashbv.

It is presented from time to time, but is not performed nearly as often as Puccini’s other mature operas. Trin and Sonora who are near her, make embarrassed negative signs The Post-Boy goes out with Nick; Minnie goes back to the counter Happy. Feeling in her bodice and flashing a pistol before Rance’s eyes: He’s thinking of his dear old Cornwall And his mother who is waiting for him — Rance lighting his cigar: I can tell you That you’re the one she’s chosen!

Ah, ecco il segno. To-morrow, pass the word in the camp. The mountain side is white.


Minnie cannot forgive him for deceiving her when she gave him her love, and she sends him ofif. I’ve got a fancy he’ll like me in my best bib and tucker.

I beg your pardon. Pops the stockings into a chest. Si ferma stupito del silenzio che l’accoglie. Say, when you are late we get impatient — And then we — Minnie: Arturo Toscanini discography Arturo Toscanini: Minnie runs to the ivindow.

Nick si dispone a chiudere la “Polka”. P’rhaps not, p’rhaps not — I am only a common little creature. Down home in Soledad, when I was little, I had a tiny, smoky little room above the kitchen.

Rance, you make me laugh at you Real love is very different. Harry to Johnson, pointing to the dancing hall: And I lived there with father and mother.

Sheriff Jack Rance quiets the fight and pins two cards to Sid’s jacket, as a sign of a cheat. A plant that grows in the East Joe: This is where the boys Leave their gold.

While Rance tries to proceed, she convinces the miners that they owe her too much to kill the man she loves, and asks them to forgive him “Ah!