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Water Buffalo Theology has 48 ratings and 5 reviews. Michael said: Dr. Kosuke Koyama () was a Princeton-trained Japanese theologian. He taught f. Water Buffalo Theology, written by Kosuke Koyama, is an expression of an Koyama’s development and contextualization of Christian theology in the Thai. By Kosuke Koyama In this revised and expanded version of Water Buffalo Theology, the author, who served as a missionary in Thailand and Singapore.

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God who is not supposed to embrace sinner is embracing sinner! They are not the same. Kosuke Koyamaan astute learner, teacher, and respected academic, is intentional to bridge the gap between two sacred disciplines of the Christian tradition, i.

What thelogy eucharistic message means is that when embrace is shown as a more ultimate image of the saving truth than that of confrontation, it meant the fusion of brokenness and loneliness.

The monk indicated that if one felt a need to crusade, then one was not a true disciple.

Their self-denial only occurs very rarely. These are things that happen in history. God has entered history, which is the record of His activity. Having been a missionary to Thailand, Koyama learned Buddhism and Hinduism in that context. We now have a view from the periphery and must take the periphery seriously. Open to the public. A context is not always so easy to discern however. Our human drive towards fetishism, the boosting of the conditioned to unconditional, fetish approach to symbols and images As we already mentioned, his experiences from the war, as well as examples from his everyday life as a missionary and teacher often serve him in the development of theological reflection.


Books by Kosuke Koyama. As an Asian with a background in intellectual theology, and the grass-roots experience of mission work in a third-world nation, Koyama brings a unique combination to theology.

In the East history is hot but the gods are cool. Trivia About Water Buffalo The We need to recognize the importance of the idea of controversy. As has already been said, Koyama was intent on bringing the Gospel to the people in Thailand in terms they could relate to.

April,p. This is the arahant-man. God is involved in our history.

Kosuke Koyama

watfr His View of the Cross and the Crucified Mind. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Learn more about Amazon Prime. On the other hand, if it is good, then greed will occur.

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And this is the nerve-center of theology of the cross which judges our self-righteousness. In the account of Abram renouncing his rights to the choice land, Koyama saw an instant identification with Abram as a fellow Asian, since renunciation is a central theme in Asian religions.


To do this, one pursues self-annihilation. Scott rated it liked it Feb 26, Has this inflation kept me from real contact with people? Toward a Crucified Mind. Lists What are lists? This sight is an inspiring moment for me. When food is good, greed, which is a craving or attachment will occur. Edition 25th anniversary ed. Hearing is simply a mental state. Views Read Edit View history.

English Bufcalo a language for shopping. It requires that we move into areas of ambiguity. It involves radical self-denial. Home This editionEnglish, Book edition: