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THE STARSEED TRANSMISSIONS. -An Extraterrestrial Report. Introduction. Chapter 1 Singularity of Consciousness. Chapter 2 The Other Reality. Chapter 3 . Ken Carey. Series By Ken Carey; Books By Ken Carey The Starseed Transmissions Starseed, the Third Millennium: Living in the Posthistoric World. The first volume of the Starseed Trilogy: Intuitive knowledge featuring a startling new view of human evolution.

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Now we stand hransmissions the threshold of an unprecedented expansion of consciousness that will render obsolete most past visions, ideologies and paradigms that are soon to be relegated to the drawers of incompatible instruments of self-understanding.

How to write a great review. Changing the Timeline of Our Destiny. Even before I’d heard all this no doubt helped along with some trendy chemical amusement aidsI had come to the conclusion we were all just scouts sent off from the universal mind and had forgotten we are merely limbs of the same organism.

And definitely very interesting for me to realize that this kind of stuff is out there. Jul 16, Shannon rated it it was ok. First Step Pause Now, let’s pause for a second to try to assimilate more clearly the true significance of this information.

They were joined some time later by the Dark Principalities as starsed as all of us shortly after, now in human form.

We are sending a comet to your solar system as a sign that the time has come to look to the stars. Mar 17, Brieanne Tanner rated it it was amazing.

Allow yourself a few seconds of deep unflinching soul-searching to find out your own, unique answer, and then once you are back with your conceptual understanding of Life and Evolution, take a few more minutes starseev you will to write down on a piece of paper what this answer is for You You are about to discover the key to immortality in the chemical structure of the sarseed code, within which you will find the scripture of life.

All life on your planet is a unity. Religious organizations have also been used to some extent to further their aims when receptive individuals were found; but in sttarseed cases these organizations somehow eventually turn into exact replica of what they profess to oppose. Ashraf Hadden rated it it was amazing May 10, Thus all belief systems, social conventions and traditions based on an inherited cultural sense of confusion and separation, and on fear-related trqnsmissions are inherently flawed at the core.


Our Gifts Are Unwrapping. And the way to attain such a discovery in our own life is through Love, a Love such that it frees the heart to fly ever higher, higher than the sky itself, into God’s Awareness which we may then fully express in our everyday life.

In singularized Oneness throughout infinity, space and time simply have no room to come into existence, for all is “felt” as one huge undifferentiated whole existing in an all encompassing simultaneity. But that is no chance happening! Dec 20, Deanna Joseph rated it it was amazing.

The interplay between these two primeval polarities or forces with all their infinitely different gradients of combination basically defines all that exists and how everything interacts. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

However, the premise was just too weird. And now the time has come for a new beginning, for a new cycle of creation, except that this time we are called to take part in it, consciously and with the entire realm of experience we have gathered during our long trek into density. The Theory Of XY: The Nature of Being: Thoughts from a Fellow Cosmic Traveler.

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You are able to expand and contract in accordance with the focus of your attention. People such as Ken Carey therefore serve as conduits for their “Transmissions”, as catalysts of deep planetary revolutions of soul. One day you will call into orbital patterns the atoms, molecules, and cells that will objectify this infrastructure and provide its physicality.

At best churches and spiritual organizations are transitional tools to bring their followers from learning and understanding through the recorded experience of their founders, to having an undiluted, first-hand self-realization of divine concepts through direct access “here and now”to Cosmic Awareness.


The Starseed Transmissions

As the transmitting Beings speaking atarseed us through Ken Carey explain, biology now dotting some worlds with a thin veil of Life has still a long way to go before it fully manifests its potential. Then the self-induced disease plaguing our kind quickly degenerated in a complete loss of any sense of Oneness along with a mania for “storing identities within our psyche as one might store dresses or suits of clothing in a closet, preserving them with herbs of self-importance and spices of fear.

They poison perception and happiness. So are we to become something else xtarseed what we thought we were Instead of retaining the all pervading conscious awareness of being One With All That Is as the only mode of reality, we started thinking that maybe, eventually, we could lose this ability we then starseed to adopt some temporal form to interact with the emerging material realm, relapse into Oneness after this interaction had naturally run its course, and then re-adopt again a new form and a new identity for the sake of playing with conscious self-identification.

Now, let’s pause for a second to try to assimilate more clearly the true significance of this information. And they know that it is good. Do not limit yourself any further by subscribing to these “out there” beings that are geared to getting you to recruit to hivemind possession Rekindling the Power of Imagination.

The Starseed Transmissions by Ken Carey

Whatever resulting balance, between consciously retaining a sense of participating to the Universal Spirit and being affected carwy the intensely pressing needs and objectivity of the material realm, was bound to depend on our own free will and could not be foreseen nor controlled from the start of the “human project. The Awakening that we asked for. All meditated simultaneously and transmjssions got the same message.

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