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Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 Installation Guide: Network-Based Installations Oracle Solaris 10 SPARC: How to Install the wanboot Program on the WAN Boot Server. This book describes how to create the files and directories necessary to perform an unattended JumpStart installation. This book also describes how to create. This book also describes how to create RAID-1 volumes during a JumpStart Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 Installation Guide: Custom JumpStart and Advanced.

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The JumpStart program accesses the rules files on the diskette in the system’s diskette drive.

Solaris Jumpstart – Howto guide

A profile defines elements of the installation, for example, the software group to install. This CD can be used to complete a standardized, hands-free Solaris OE installation in environments where the disk space or networking constraints do not allow for a JumpStart server.

See installation instructions Source: Jumpstart offers a way to solafis Solaris using network over multiple server with similar of different configurations. If you want to install or upgrade an existing system, shut down the system.

For instructions, see Creating Begin and Finish Scripts. The following table describes the command-line options for the boot command that are appropriate for a JumpStart installation. Save the profile in a location that is accessible to the WAN boot server.

Here’s how to get a jumpstart going with ISC:. Document Information Preface 1. Installation is not proper. Copyleft Problems Bulletin, So I just used the one off Blastwave instead.

Before You Begin Before you create a flash archive, you must first install the master system. This is largely due to misunderstanding of Ethernet autonegotation standards and experiences with older ethernet drivers and switches. Create a directory with at least Mbytes of space available to hold the Solaris OS image. The JumpStart program reads Pete’s profile and installs the Solaris software, based on the instructions that the system administrator specified in Pete’s ujmpstart.


Then the corresponding profile is installed and finally the finish script is executed. Sun Solaris Related Humor: For example, type the following command: The Solaris JumpStart procedure enables you to install the Solaris OS automatically and configure it differently, depending on the characteristics of client systems.

Solaris Jumpstart – Howto guide

Installing With Jupmstart Examples. As a result, you must create a JumpStart solarid on a diskette if a system is not connected to a network. WAN boot performs a JumpStart installation to install a flash archive on the client.

Creating the Configuration Files. Specify the file 110 configuration. I have one Solaris 10 virtual machine on vmware, I made it a jumpstart server for automated installation testing. If the system is part of a network, ensure that an Ethernet connector or similar network adapter is attached to your system. Performing a Custom JumpStart Installation. If the archive creation fails, the flarcreate command returns a nonzero exit code.

For example, if you type the following command, the OS is installed over the network by using a JumpStart profile. The following table describes the command-line options for the boot command that are appropriate for a JumpStart installation.

The archive is an exact duplicate of the master system. The rules file is used to create the rules. The JumpStart installation method installs or upgrades the system based on the profile and scripts that you select.

The JumpStart program reads the rules from the first rule spar the last. For example, if you type the following command, the Jumpsstart is installed over the network by using a JumpStart profile. A finish script is used to perform the tasks after the OS is installed but before reboot.

Creating the Document Root Directory. You you do not want to be tracked by Google please disable Javascript for this site.

What’s more, we incorporated more general configuration files that give us more flexibility and spontaneity than Sun’s JumpStart provides. If you are using a profile diskette, insert the profile diskette in the system’s diskette drive.

This article discusses how the Toolkit can be used to construct a bootable CD, based on Sun’s JumpStart framework, for building and configuring new systems. You do not splaris to specify an IP address for the server that contains the file. The clients will read the rules. Command Reference for the boot Command.


Solaris Jumpstart Automated Install

Optional If you want to install additional packages at the same time you install an archive, use the package keyword. We continue with an in-depth review of the configuration files, directories, and scripts used by the toolkit to enhance the security of Solaris Operating Environment systems. During a custom JumpStart installation, the JumpStart program attempts to match the system that is being installed to the rules in the rules.

Although it didn’t take me long to build a jumpstart server, it did take a lot of internet searching, reading of Sun docs and some previous jumpstart experience to figure out what all the pieces were and how they fit together.

This article describes how to modify existing JumpStart servers to support the deployment of the Solaris OS and Linux operating environment on Sun x based systems, as well as how to use standard Linux installation tools for configuring Sun x based systems.

When you boot a Sun box with boot net – installit uses reverse ARP to get its IP address from a JumpStart boot server, which has that machine in its ethers list. Check the rules file Run the check script in the config directory to check the syntax of the rules file.

Creating the configuration directory We need to create the configuration directory on the jumpstart server. In case you want to cut to the chase, we created a script called mkuber that can automate the entire CD creation process for you.