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The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Vampyre; A Tale, by John William Polidori This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no. The Vampyre [John Polidori] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One of the first vampire stories by John Polidori, a friend of Lord Byron. Written at the same gathering at which Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein, Polidori’s “The Vampyre” is a short story of convoluted but beautiful sentences, mostly.

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He was also educated and a physican and a member of jonh Polidori family that went on to produce Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Christina Rossetti. Hitherto, Aubrey had had no opportunity of studying Lord Ruthven’s character, and now he found, that, though many more of his actions were exposed to his view, the results offered different conclusions from the apparent motives to his poludori.

Mary Shelley worked on a tale with her husband that would later evolve into Frankenstein. For all of that, it’s quite good, it just needs an extra layer of polish and a defter hand with words. Of course the work wasn’t Byron’s and Polidori had a merry chase trying polixori establish the correct authorship of the work. It was Stoker’s novel “Dracula” that combined the attributes of a vampire along with others with a powerful story with a compelling central character.

The story does focus on his feelings and things he encouters along the way, but it is a third-person narration focused on a protagonist. Really a glorified short story, with a thin, melodramatic plot and sketchy characterizations, this novella succeeded as well as it did because of the novelty of its theme and the rumor that Byron actually wrote it.


The Vampyre – Wikipedia

I’m not going to say Polidori deserves a lot of credit in bringing the vampire into popular culture as his short story is largely forgotten. I has been written by Polidori in the famous summer spent near Geneva, where Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Wikisource has original text related to this article: Initially compelling but ominous, he eventually drives Aubrey to suffering, self-doubt, and social isolation; it’s an effective, claustrophobic gothic nightmare, not undercut by the text’s brevity, ojhn, or unremarkable writing.

One night in June, after the company had read aloud from Fantasmagorianaa French collection of German horror tales, Byron suggested they each write a ghost story.

John William Polidori

A Soap Opera miniseries. That’s why I try and avoid classics most of the time.

This short story is all telling and little showing. There is not so much character development, as in many short stories, but the main characters are very interesting. Polidori is said to have committed suicide, but even this fact is shrouded in mystery. Polidofi history of this short story might be even more intriguing than the actual writing itself.

Just before he dies, Aubrey writes a letter to his sister revealing Ruthven’s history, but it does not arrive in time.

In this short story, the vampyre isn’t charming as in later stories. The vampire is cruel and greedy behind his seductive mask. This page was last edited on 27 Octoberat Polidori’s work had an immense impact on contemporary sensibilities and ran through numerous editions and translations.

The aim of our publishing program is to facilitate rapid access to this vast reservoir of literature, and our view is that this is a significant literary work, which deserves to be brought back into print after many decades.


I’ve just updated this review slightly to correct some factual inaccuracy in the account of the tale’s origin. Back then, giving someone your word was probably something highly valued and irreversible. I really enjoyed this romantic story. What’s most important is good, very good. On the inside and all the way down to his gooey, undead center, Lord Ruthven is a walking, talking warehouse of evil, corruption and sadism and there is not a single redeeming aspect to his personality.

We hope that you will enjoy this wonderful classic work, and that for you it becomes an enriching experience. Here we notice some of the attributes famous to vampires these days. And also for its commentary of Lord Byron, a man whose antics pretty much created its own character archetype in literature, the Byronic hero. Polidori was the first to introduce the vampire as a character, an individual instead of a myth, and Ruthven is as much a social as a spiritual and physical predator. They travel to Rome, but Aubrey leaves Lord Ruthven due to certain circumstances.

The story is thrilling and Oplidori anxiety and fear are felt by the reader. Dolina Jorgovana Absolutely not Aubrey. It was hard to feel much sympathy for Aubrey, his sister Miss Aubrey, Ianthe, or anyone else because the narrative was too much like a bland newspaper article, with little connection to the intense emotions of the persons involved. But that is only the outside.