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: Bangkok 8: A Royal Thai Detective Novel (1) (): John Burdett: Books. A thriller with attitude to spare, Bangkok 8 is a sexy, razor-edged, often darkly hilarious novel set in one of the world’s most exotic cities. A thriller with attitude to spare, Bangkok 8 is a sexy, razor-edged, often darkly hilarious novel set in one of the world’s most exotic cities. Witnessed by a throng of.

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Allow me to preface by saying that I love good crime noir book- one where the heroes are as flawed as some of the bad guys and things are gritty and the subject matter is dark. I find the only aspect that can get me really heated It just gets so gleefully overwrought presenting things as truths or facts—when they clearly aren’t—that readers can’t help but be mired down in a dissertation of uncaring misinformation.

Bangkok 8 (Sonchai Jitpleecheep #1) by John Burdett

Wikiquote has quotations related to: All of this is fairly predictable and the mystery itself has such a ridiculously laughable denouement burdwtt I couldn’t feel satisfied with the ending. The author writes through the voice of the narrator “This isn’t a whodunit, is it?

I was completely entranced, and realized: And he fears that if he sleeps bangokk Jones, he’ll become a prostitute? Lo and behold, the local library had a copy. In Bangkok Tattoo, Burdett uses the mood behind this uprising and the attendant paranoias of the post-September 11 world to drive his plot.

Bar-girls, brothels and sex are very much a part burdeft both that first book and the new one, Bangkok Tattoo, not least because Sonchai’s own mother, Nong, was a bar-girl and our hero is the result of a brief union with one of her American clients.

I’d heard mention of it being Ellroy or Leonard-esque. So, what is next for you? I like to able to follow the detective’s train of thought, so this appproach of telling me who then using the second half to bkrdett why and develop events didn’t quite appeal to me.

It’s a controversial and debatable issue, but the world nangkok of the book did make me think about the issue more than I ever have and that’s cool, when a book can johhn that to you. This book was not what I expected. I enjoyed the main character, Sonchai, and was sympathetic with his desire to avenge the death of his partner, but most of the other characters were either stereotypical or offensive. The detective, a half-Chinese half-Irish HK resident, finds himself threatened by both sides—all baangkok more so when a WMD smuggling plot that threatens to force outright war between Britain and China is uncovered.


It doesn’t take long to figure out from context that farangs are Americans. But the humor and dynamic culture of Bangkok and the interplay between the Thai cops and the Americans make this a great ride, especially between Sonchai and FBI agent Kimberly Jones.

Burcett of Burdett’s published books have been optioned for films, but due to the exotic location and multi-racial characters, film makers have found it difficult to find appropriate ‘stars’ and screenplays. I had read interesting reviews about it, so when I saw this next to the next book Bangkok Tattoo at the Friends of the Library sale, I jumped on it. Readers expecting a traditional mystery structure would be advised to look elsewhere, but those who want something new will find Burdett’s novel an intriguing, fresh take on noir.

BANGKOK 8 by John Burdett | Kirkus Reviews

Apr 08, Bangkk rated it it was ok. Refresh and try again. This reveals a colorful world of expat decadence, business-oriented prostitutes, corrupt cops, spicy food, Buddhism, hospitals specializing in transsexual operations, the jade trade, and some of the more fascinating facets of Thai culture.

A thriller with attitude to spare, Bangkok 8 is a sexy, razor-edged, often darkly hilarious novel set in one of the world’s most exotic cities. The discussions between the FBI Agent and the Thai hero on the culture of consumerism versus those from a Buddhist country had some interesting points. Apparent Could not finish. Think of Bangkok 8 as a destination spot for any reader with a taste for the exotic and desire for a really good time.

But the more I thought about it the more I realized that Bangkok had hurdett greater allure and as soon as I decided to write about Bangkok I realized that the sex industry possessed that combination of intrigue, human interest and inversion of values which make a novel worth reading. Below is the explaintaion Pretentious. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

This is painfully obvious part way through the book A variation of the quote having do with a bang and a whimper comes to mind. To tell the truth, I expected some piece of pulp fiction type with prose in the vein of Chandler or Hammett.

In the note, Burdett explains that “Bangkok is one of the world’s great cities, all of which own red-light districts that find their way into the pages of novels from time to time. While it’s true that Burdett is capable of some very stylish scene setting, and vicious caricatures, he is so preoccupied with his sex-trade playthings, and women who will be forced into the role, there’s thousands of words of exposition that distract from those skills, and focus the reader on a misogyny that builds and builds as the book carries on.


It is nothing like Tarantino, because despite his indulgence, his worlds are far leaner, and focused even at their most stylized.

Among the witnesses are the only two cops in the city not on the take, but within moments one is murdered and his partner, Sonchai Jitpleecheep—a devout Buddhist and the son of a Thai bar girl and a long-gone Vietnam War G. But let’s face it. Burdett—cloaked in uninformed stances on Buddhism and gross over generalizations—comes off like a man who yearned for Bangkok, and all its glories, rejected. He is the son of a former ” rented-wife ” a type of prostitute and a ” farang.

Set in Hong Kong in April and Mayjust before the British turnover of the territory to mainland China, this novel deals with a horrific murder investigation. Jun 03, Pages Buy.

Bangkok Eight

The way the character thinks and talks doesn’t feel authentic at all. Was this an issue you set out to engage? He is thrust deep into a known cover-up and conspiracy of an old murder, unknown to him.

bangokk There’s nothing better than being in a foreign country and reading a book SET in that country to live the flavor of both worlds more fully. Mar 06, RandomAnthony rated it liked it Shelves: Nor is it a book about Buddhism, and it certainly isn’t a book about Thailand.

I wanted to write about a Third World country and started out with Morocco in mind jobn one of my favorites. Sonchai is a ” leuk krung ” or half-caste.

The hospitality and good nature of the people is legendary and very seductive, so I guess the answer is yes.