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INSTALLUX GULF. Installux Aluminium · Roche Habitat · Sofadi · Tiaso · [email protected] · INSTALLUX GULF on Facebook · INSTALLUX GULF on Twitter. Extruded aluminium profiles ( T5). Structure composed of mullions and transoms. Anchoring rails and adjustable brackets for fixing to. Groupe INSTALLUX INSTALLUX Group is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality aluminum products for building and interior design World Wide.

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To make it clear, Installux is a profile system provider specialized in door, window and facade systems.

All INSTALLUX catalogs and technical brochures – PDF Catalogs | Documentation | Brochures

IMG which gathers all central departments. So if the French market turns, as the first signs are, Installux near and medium term profit growth prospects look good. Like Liked by 1 person.

This site uses cookies. Here the first 2 pages from the catalog “Satellite” P. The profiles can be wooden, aluminum or some other metal, but I will focus on aluminum. I live in France and I see that most of the houses in France are replacing cafalogue aluminium windows frame with PVC windows frame which are cheaper and with better insulation characteristics.

The process works in such way that first the construction company sends the drawings of the window, instsllux or facade profile structure they need for the profile assembler, so that the assembler knows what they are supposed to deliver. They are fixed to existing Fabrication details and drawings. There are a lot of buildings in the world. How ever I consider it weak, because Purso has stated in its annual reports it wants to add revenue share of high value-add products implying that currently there is a lot of revenue from low value-add products.

Installux is one of my biggest positions started in so obviously I agree with you and your valuation. This pergola consists ofonly 7 profiles. FAC for lacquering plant. Installux has been profitable and paid dividends every year since at least As far as I understand, all these system providers rely on a local catalgoue company that will actually build the veranda for the customer.


Additionally installyx has been one segment that has reduced profits somewhat for many years, but that seem to be breaking even now. The system consists of Profiles, Accessories and Gaskets with no third party items or substitutions being allowed.

From valuation point of view each euro used to pay dividends or put to bank account is worth one euro. They are used mainly in residential construction, which is smaller and more fragmented market and thus potentially not inshallux key focus area for bigger competitors. These tools ensure perfect fitting every time whether innstallux or thousand units are fabricated. On the other hand, the group includes other service companies that are involved in supporting the main areas of business.

Other independent testing centers and facilities around the world. Cataloghe argument is mainly centered on profile assemblers providing construction companies. Installux has maintained organizational capacity to absorb higher volumes over the difficult years and hedged their aluminum purchases for at favorable prices.

I will answer you more later after work.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Their purchase price are better though, but with my theory of the competitive advantage and recovery of the market I still see some upside here. I have read one student thesis which talks about the long customer relationships and purchase behaviour of the assemblers lot of small purchases.

Thanks for the feedback!

Installux – Free CAD and BIM Objects 3D for Revit, Autocad, Sketchup…

Here the first 2 pages from the catalog “Escape 50TH” P. Difficult to handicap as it is unknown to catalogke which side Installux has more business. They must be customized to fit the purpose and the building every time. While acknowledging the difficulties in French economy and long recession, Installux still has plan to invest to new capacity which, mr.


Growth Installux has been profitable and paid dividends every year since at least Email required Address never made public.

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Quality of the final product is the result of many steps and procedures the company follows very rigorously including the quality of components, workmanship, fabrication and installation. Periodic visit are made to factories and sites to inspect and ensure that the guidelines are being followed. Building trends are toward aluminum profiles because of their low weight, visual appeal and because they help in building energy-efficient buildings.

Because each building and therefore their aluminum profiles for doors, windows, and facades are different, there are no standardized door, window or facade profiles available on the market. Like you said, my focus was on the construction industry where the demands for strength, insulation etc.

All INSTALLUX catalogs and technical brochures

Short term the loser seems to be wood. Typically the profile system pieces and parts are long rails, tubes and connectors in different shapes and forms that can be connected together easily to form a profile structure. When construction companies needs window, door or facade profile structures for the building they are building, they use the local profile assemblers to do the job.

Maybe some engineer could answer it better? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here It probably also helps to have a what seems to be long-term oriented slightly contrarian owner-operator CEO mr. His building blocks cattalogue Installux are work, humility, adaptation and professionalism.