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inGenius: A Crash Course on Creativity. Tina Seelig. pages, HarperOne, Buy the book». Provocative. Just one word provocative. Book Summary – Ingenius: A Crash Course on Creativity “Take a careful look at jokes, and you will find that the creativity and humor usually. Chances are you’re not using your creativity to the fullest, says a has outlined it in her new book inGenius: A Crash Course on Creativity.

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This is an excellent book for folks new to the subject craxh it provides many examples of creative thinking and problem solving, but has little new information for those well-read in the topic.

inGenius: A Crash Course on Creativity

Their creatjvity dropped open when they realized that was an option, and they quickly removed the wall to create a much bigger workspace and dove into their project, filling the expanded space with artifacts and ideas. I eagerly asked if he would come to class to share his experience. This is her book that the course is based on.

It is not good enough to randomly scoop up a few people and bring them in to brainstorm. There should be words and drawings covering the walls and prototypes on the tables. Without creativity we are not just condemned to a life of repetition, but to a life that slips backward.

Being able to ob and combine nonobvious ideas and objects is essential for innovation and dreativity key part of the creative-thinking process. Malcolm Gladwell set off a mania for practice a few years ago with his book Outliersin which he argued that to become truly excellent at any skill, you need 10, hours of deliberate practice– that’s six hours a day, six days a week, over six years of simply sticking with it.


They designed a set of colored bracelets, each of which denotes a different mood. Therefore, it makes sense to consider all the variables that influence ingenuity, including individual skills and how the environment influences them. Crewtivity were no right answers to this exam. Tiny differences in the beaks of finches and the shapes of tortoise shells served as evidence for his provocative theories.

Researchers at a suburban Pennsylvania hospital found that twenty-three surgical patients who had rooms with windows that looked out on a natural scene had significantly shorter postoperative hospital stays and took fewer painkillers than twenty-three similar patients who were in rooms with windows that faced a building. Real rules exist for effective brainstorming—the most important of which is that there are no bad ideas.

inGenius: A Crash Course on Creativity

Reframing problems takes effort, attention, and practice, and allows you to see the world around you in a brand-new light. I’ll add more things in list above if I remember more that caught my attention. She said that the hiring practices at Twitter s that all employees are bright and skilled at their jobs, but are also interested in other unrelated pursuits.

Her innovation model consists of 6 elements; the three internal ones are your knowledge, your imagination, and your attitude while the three external elements are resources, habitats your local environmentand culture. Others enhanced the functionality of an existing object. Jun 30, Jenny Reading Envy rated it liked it Shelves: First, there has to be room for people to move around. Tina Seelig teaches the course and she teaches other course at Stanford.


A Moebius tape containing these six variables that are interrelated with each other and in pairs to understand the creative process in a simple way.

The great news is that our brains are built for creative problem solving, and it is creativit to both uncover and enhance our natural inventiveness.

Do you divide the workload relatively evenly?

Make sure that everyone has a pen and paper or sticky notes. One team broke free from the size constraints of a tiny name tag and designed custom T-shirts with a mix of information about the wearer in both words ingeniius pictures. Since the tables in the room have wheels and move easily, it would have been a trivial matter to push them together to create one big team.

Wiseman designed special newspapers for this experiment. We learn how to ask probing questions, to unpack all the inenius, and to design experiments to reveal the answers.

These prompts provide a convenient way to do this. Even one office where coworkers could expect to find thei I feel like I’m being a little stingy with the stars, because this is a good, well researched book about creativity.

Once you have come up with three hundred, you know that you only have two hundred to go. They each flipped over a piece of paper at the same time to reveal a single word.