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Set amidst the turmoil of contemporary Middle Eastern politics, this vivid and highly-acclaimed novel by an Egyptian journalist is an intimate look into. “Something of a landmark a bold and important work. [This] is the first novel I know of that successfully renders an Arab, Egyptian Muslim reality in English. Soueif is one of the most extraordinary chroniclers of sexual politics now writing.” In the Eye of the Sun is a significant, near-miraculous original: ‘The Great.

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Her husband seems to be a bit of an S. Beautiful in every sense. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Structurally, the novel opens injumps back to and works its way forward to again, and has chapters divided into ‘scenes’ as if Soueif envisioned it as a movie. She discovers through a quite nerve-wracking process that she does not identify herself with the path that h In order to read this book I think someone must be interested in both feminine emotions and egyptian culture. Does love truely means that two persons should melt inside one being, or should each one maintain their own independence or just reach a certain point of balance?!

It’s a journey through history since Abdel Nasser’s days till the final tue of Sadat, yet it’s not a historical novel, it rather tells how people lived their day to day lives during that time with highlights on a love story that makes a person wonders Soueif cuts historical background into the tthe by inserting dated snippets of news, like extracts from a journalistic timeline.

Sep 18, Debbie rated it really liked it. There’s something in me that shouts lazy writing, but another part in me says it’s realistic. Review and rating to come. They’re only there to wait for the men. This book was recently recommended to me by an Egyptian feminist who said, “Read this book, and you’ll understand everything we go through.


In the Eye of the Sun – Ahdaf Soueif Site

The particular patriarchy of Asya’s social context delays her love marriage, apparently destructively, but I felt that the couple’s problems went much deeper. Things I disliked about the book apart from its shdaf bulk: Out of the three key male figures in the novel, two turn out to be completely different than expected.

Also, Soueif’s politics here are more compelling some of her nonfiction. The second was the middle eastern sokeif Soueif placed her characters against a political background, which made the novel rich and fascinating.

Aug 18, jo rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Events in Eygpt and around the Middle East are interwoven with the life story of the main character, Asya, and her family and friends.

In the Eye of the Sun by Ahdaf Soueif | : Books

This part was also enjoyable because events surrounding Asya’s life are intertwined with historical events. The personal plights she faces about desire, sex, love and affection during her growth are stressed by the fact that she lives abroad for a certain period of time.

Let’s talk about Ahdaf Soueif a little. Open Preview See a Problem?

Anyway, I still highly recommend this book. This novel tells the story of Asya, growing up amongst the Egyptian elite in Cairo. To me this isn’t dull mundanity; not only does it create an intimate understanding of and sympathy with our protagonist and reveal her lexic orientation as someone embedded, encamped, engulfed in literature and language, but along with the narration of her and other characters’ thoughts, it builds up a dense, intricate texture that invites the movie reel to roll behind my eyes.


In the Eye of the Sun by Ahdaf Soueif. May 20, Tiffany rated it really liked it.

What is the page number of this novel please? Set amidst the turmoil of eyf Middle Eastern politics, this vivid and highly-acclaimed novel by an Egyptian journalist is an intimate look into the lives of Arab women today.

By tracing her life until adulthood, we get to know Asya as if she was our closest friend; we feel her pain more strongly than we allow ourselves to experience our own.

In the eye of the sun.

In the Eye of the Sun

Feb suj, Sarah rated it it was amazing. I tried to figure out what “drives” this book and sustains it past pages. Jun 29, Catherine rated it it was ok. Instead of a sweeping family saga it promised to be, it was nearly pages of solipsist whining of a privileged young woman. I like the few parts when we get to read Saif’s thoughts the most.

In order to read this book I think someone must be interested in both feminine emotions and egyptian culture. I think that was the point thought.

More than that we see what it means to be a an educated Egyptian woman, with modern needs and desires locked in a patriarchal society.