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The Hyles Church Manual (Part One – chapters ) Church Business Go to Part Two by Dr. Jack Hyles. Introduction With pleasure and profit, I have read the. Hyles Church Manual has 14 ratings and 1 review. Congratulations! You’ve been called by God to be a preacher, and He’s given you a church. With pleasure and profit, I have read the manuscript, Hyles’ Church Manual. I wish that this book had been published years ago so that many pastors and.

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The moderator should insist churrch kindness prevail and the right of anyone to speak freely on any subject be protected. List suggestions that my help. A financial statement was issued at the close of the business meeting.

Consequently, each person, before ordering, must contact the financial secretary or treasurer who in turn goes to the ledger book and checks the balance on the appropriate page in order to approve or reject the order. Once again this should be done before the first budget committee meeting.

The Hyles Church Manual – The Jack Hyles Home Page

Maybe the offerings have not met the budget for the year. Thanks so much for any help you can give. Allen Smith rated it it was amazing Mar 19, This enables those who do not attend the Sunday services to give their tithes and offerings.

I am sure that it nyles be more than a new building. Some architects and builders are a little aesthetic and tend to make the building a little dark. The pastor gets his fill of such actions and then goes to the churcb and retaliates. Lord, as the song said just a moment ago, may we always remember to give Thee all of the praise and glory for all of it. That the church approve tazing the apartment building to the east of the office building and the Knights of Christ building with the consent of Mr.


His past experiences working in the church are recalled. I stood up and announced to our people that chuurch were going to have the only Chinese Sunday school in America. That life-changing decision has been changed. Be sure the S. So we are thankful today and deeply appreciative to accept this fine building which will be used solely for the glory of Christ.

Hyles Church Manual

A visitor’s card can be used at public services. Many people of many places have agonized with you of First Baptist over the loss of that old structure. Be careful here not to choose people just because they are builders or well-to-do. You were hjles in your opposition and you have been a blessing to me personally. The men who fill the office of deacon in the First Baptist Church are required to be faithful!

From the wee hours of the morning until noontime of the next day, most of us stood across the street. They consider the building of buildings, etc.

It has been a wonderful day. Two weeds after the budget is presented the church meets in a regular business meeting and votes to adopt the budget as proposed by the board of deacons. A mimeographed cyurch is given to each member and an announcement is made that a vote will manuak taken two weeks later to approve, reject, or modify the proposal budget.


The church approves them as candidates for deacons. Shall we all stand, please.

We thank the Lord for the privilege of being able to participate in this program with you. After these meetings, a called meeting of the church should be conducted. We had a little prefabricated building about sixteen feet where we had two Sunday School classes and other than manua, we had only a nursery adjacent to the auditorium.

To my wonderful, wonderful Lord. With some wise counsel from a cement contractor, I led in the construction of the building. Paul was baptized soon after his conversion. The board has no authority whatsoever. We thank Janual that Janual hast blessed. An annual training course for the teachers is suggested. Leroy Troyer is here. Offering envelopes, Baptismal certificates, Articles of Faith and a Worker’s survey are distributed at this time.

Acts Chapter 6 is reviewed. Repentance turning from sinthe Lordship of Christ, and some important Misunderstandings are not even dealt with.

Hyles Church Manual by Jack Hyles

When for my sins He was judged on the tree. Thank you, Brother Terry. The clerk, or chairman, or pastor then should explain to the congregation, in detail, the action that is being recommended. Jim Ward marked it as to-read Mar 08, He should keep them informed as to how much money is coming in and the needs that remain.