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This chapter describes the boards supported by the BSC The BSC UUP (UMTS RNC user plane processing). -. -. 2 GE. 2 GE. Home/Groups/Wireless Network Info Community. BSC e BSC RNC in Pool. Armetta Diamond (1) 4 years 6 months ago View: Reply: 0. Comment. This program provides thorough understanding of 3G Technology, product and hardware description of Huawei RNC , with their data.

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The license is consistent with what you apply Go to step Step 3.

Huawei 3G RNC/2G BSC – (5-Days) – Cognitel

Requirements for Rc Status Before commissioning, ensure that the equipment meets the conditions listed in Table Click OK to complete the setup of the NE health check scenario. If multiple base stations are connected, repeat the operations. The basic services consist of speech service and data service. The OML is faulty, and the Correct the connection, and then reload the data to the physical link is also faulty, board.

Commissioning and installtion Guide Huawei BSC | Nasir Ramal –

Step 3 Check the power supply to the cabinet components, as listed in Table Directly close the PuTTY window. If the value of UsageStatus is Faulty, check the transmission links by referring to Set Health Check Period in the displayed dialog box, and then click Finish.

The values of available bandwidth are not all 0. Compared with issue 01this issue does not exclude any topics. Select the application 6090 corresponding to huawel task that is currently created from the Scenario drop-down list.


Double-click Press the primary mouse button twice continuously and quickly without moving the pointer. Then, the OMU verification is performed through cooperation of the remote engineer.

You can shield these alarms by setting the maintenance mode of the NE to be in Install mode.

Set officename by moving the cursor with arrow keys to change the name huawdi the OMU. Type cmd, and then click OK. Remember me on this computer. Click Scenario Management on the displayed tab page. If you perform this operation, a prompt is displayed when you edit the reg.

Prerequisite l The OMU has passed the commissioning. Compared with issue 02this issue does not exclude any topics.

You can query the alarms and events that are generated when the NE is in a specific status by setting advanced filtering conditions. The Name text box is automatically filled in with the text consisting of the application scenario and the specific time rncc time is accurate to the second on which the task is created.

Context JRE is a standard plug-in in Java operating environment. After all the information huawie automatically obtained, check whether the information is correct and enter the information that needs to be typed, as shown in Figure Step 6 Repeat Step 3 to Step 5 to handle other alarms.

The software can be loaded directly. Select the prepared MML command script, and then click Open. In this case, it is recommended that you uninstall the old version and then install the latest version. General Conventions The general conventions that may be found in this document are defined as follows.


All other trademarks and trade names mentioned in this document are the property of their respective holders.

BSC6900 e BSC6910 RNC in Pool

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Prerequisite l The preparations for installing software on site are complete. The Detail dialog box is displayed. Compared with issue 05this issue incorporates the following changes: Prerequisite l All the subracks and boards are running normally.

Keyboard Operations The keyboard operations that may be found in this document are defined as follows. Perform operations in Step 7 through Step The BSC loading mode is set. Context l There are two ways to run the MML command script: If some items in the health check report are in red, the corresponding interface is faulty.

Content Description 3 Commissioning Process The figure of commissioning process is optimized. Step 15 Run the ps -afx command to check the operating status of the OMU.

The actual link status of the ports on the SCUa boards are displayed in the returned result.