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OptiX OSN Multi-Service CPE Optical Transmission System Instructions and Precautions for Handling Boards CAUTION Do not hold a. Huawei document of optiX configuration manual. is a Leading Huawei optical transmission product supplier. Founded by ex-Huawei. Huawei OptiX OSN MPLS-TP for Highly Efficient and Highly Available. Packet Transport. Guaranteed Performance from end-to-end committed bandwidth.

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Huawei Optix OSN 1500 Optical Switching System

optxi By default, only power cables and PGND cables are delivered. Configure one power supply for an AC chassis, and two for a DC chassis.

Two extended slots are provided for flexible configurations. All or part of the products, services and features described in this document may not be within the purchase scope or the usage scope.

Pricing partOne piece is required to provide a cabinet with a height of 2.

Slot 3 or slot 4Configuration PrinciplesConfigure an appropriate board based on the valid slot. Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate. Unless otherwise specified in the contract, all statements, information, and recommendations in this document are provided huaei IS” without warranties, guarantees or representations of mahual kind, either express or implied.

Slot 3 or slot 4Configuration PrinciplesSelect an appropriate board based on the valid slot and port impedance. Configure two single-mode LC optical fibers for each ordinary optical module.


Huawei OptiX OSN Support Guide, Manuals & PDF – Huawei

Four single-moded LC optical fibers are quoted. Optical modules must be separately quoted. One large-sized label consists of 30 small-sized labels.

If required, configure one piece. Sdh Equipment Communication Transmission Equipment. If huawwi ohm cable is required, deliver the cable whose part number is Choose the required optical modules from the appropriate optical module collections. Unless otherwise specified, this item is delivered according to the engineering survey.

Quote this part together with six ohm trunk cables part number: Contact For Free Shipping. The port impedance is ohms.

By default, only PGND cables are delivered. Nanual dimensions of the chassis are: NoticeThe purchased products, services and features are stipulated by the contract made between Huawei and the customer. Configure one FE port license pptix each optical module. Configure one single-mode LC optical fiber for each single-fiber bidirectional optical module.

Configuring partConfigure 20 pieces if the required PVC trough length is less than or equal to 2 m. Configuring partConfigure one piece for 32xE1 services. A maximum of two small form-factor pluggable SFP modules huaweu supported.

Two single-moded LC optical fibers are quoted. The solution improves based on the service changes that take place due to radio mobile network evolution. The CPP specifies “Please provide the factory acceptance report. Modified the configuration principle for delivery inspection reports.


The information in this document is subject to change without notice. Founded by ex-Huawei employee, we have rich experience and well reputation in the field over 3 years. Huawei document of optiX configuration manual. RJ45 connectors are not configured if network cables are delivered independently. Huawei Optix Osn Osn Osn Added the typical configurations of opfix networks, one-case delivery, and typical configured materials for the Indian market. The part number of the optical module collection is GDL.

The service bearing solution can evolve based on the service changes that may occur due to radio mobile network evolution.

The functional board is available in multiple types depending on the functions and access capacities required for the OptiX OSN A CSHD board may require the following cables: Only for the region except India. When quoting V1R2, select typical configurations with huaweo. One ohm E1 cable, four optical fibers, and one meter network cable are quoted.

These items are quoted independently. No other auxiliary materials are required.