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This is a community/ a people which has carefully and successfully built/ and Maravar) share similar myths/accounts of origin and historic status as rulers. Some members of the caste like to go by the title Thevars, which means ‘the divine They have a political history of mobilising themselves. In the year since the brutal murder of Dalit man Sankar in Udumalaipettai, his wife Kausalya’s brother Gowtham has learned more about Thevar.

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He was elected three times to the national parliament. Thevar travelled to Burma for the second time in Decembertaking part in political and religious activities organised by the All Burma Tamil Nadu Association. But during the 18th and 19th centuries, most of the Maravars were assimilated in to hiistory Tamil Padam Nair subcaste of the Nair community.

Thevar cooperated with the communists in trying to form a non-Congress governing coalition. Alagiri has always had a love-hate relationship with the DMK. According to Gowtham, his father and mother were not in town when the murder happened in Udumalaipettai. Amongst them was a crucial witness in histort case, who did not wish to be named. Within the party too, many believe that his return will only add to their woes.

Children will face consequences if they marry out of their community,” says Jayaraman.

An undying pride in caste: Thevar prejudice returns with fury at Kausalya’s home | The News Minute

hisrory You would know Chinnasamy as Kausalya’s father, the main accused in the murder of his Dalit son-in-law Sankar in Udumalaipettai. He mobilised all south India votes for Bose. The Mukkalathor community at that time was the most populous of the backward classes in the state but Dalit communities – notably, the Pallars – were becoming increasingly wealthy and aspirational. There is no other caste in the historu of South India which has this many surnames.


The Mukkulathor-Dalit antagonism was not one-sided. Most of the Tamil castes wear the same type of “Linga Thali”. We already had a police sub-inspector from our caste in mind.


The Hindu 12 March She clearly had deviant thoughts at a young age. The three groups traditionally each believe themselves to be superior to their fellow Mukkulathors. He then launched the Forward Bloc on 22 June, calling for the unification of all leftwing elements into a united organisation within the Congress. In Januaryhishory first general elections in independent India were held.

If he comes back, he will try to install his men, and that will only further divide the party. comkunity

U. Muthuramalingam Thevar – Wikipedia

See more of Thevarr Kallar on Facebook. A conference was held in Tirupparankundram to elect the leadership. The three constituent communities of Agamudayar, Kallar and Maravar believe themselves to share a common myth of origin formed through being the offspring of a relationship between Indra and a celestial woman.

Sections of this page. There was also a delegate from the Nadar caste. Election were held simultaneously to the Lok Sabha as well as to the legislative assemblies of the states. The drivers are divided. PasumponTamil Nadu. The Mukkulathor people, who are also collectively known as Thevarare native to the central and southern districts of Tamil NaduIndia.


Soon thereafter, the CTA was repealed. Muthuramalingam Thevar was born in the village of Pasumpon, Ramnad district. The growing popularity in Thevar as a leader of elements opposing the official Congress leadership in Tamil Nadu troubled the Congress-led government.

Most of these claims turn out to be provably false. In the Madurai belt, people were not affected by 2G in elections, but Alagiri’s activities. In FebruaryThevar contested the assembly election himself, as a candidate in the Ramanathapuram constituency.

Socio-cultural Dimensions of Reproductive Child Health. Caste Violence Against India’s “untouchables”. The terms Mukkulathor and Thevar are used synonymously. But Thrvar Nattu Maravars women were having habit of Udankattai yeruthal. They have been recorded as practising female infanticide as recently as the s.

The Maravar regiment of the Travancore army was known as “Maravar Padai”, which supplemented Nair Pattalam, the larger indigenous military unit. He was betrayed by that girl,” he adds.

The Mukkulathor challenge: Why Alagiri mattered in Madurai, and why he doesn’t anymore

This removed restrictions prohibiting Dalits from entering Hindu temples. Sankar’s death and the arrest of the family members has made the family even more rigid about caste.

We never even met her,” he claims. Skip to main content.