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Grammar Dictation by Ruth Wajnryb, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Grammar Dictation. Ruth Wajnryb Series Editor: Alan Maley. Resource Books for Teachers. The activities enable students to improve their. JU JU Oxford English RESOURCE BGDKS FOR TEACHERS editor ALAN MALEY GRAMMAR DICTATION RuthWajnryb RESOURCE BGDKS FOR TEACHERS.

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S6 for fashion – For the sake of fashion.

Open to the public Held. She has a MA in Applied Linguistics from Sydney University, with research in the area of error analysis and language-learner language.

Then mark the ones that have been predicted successfully. Producing a sound English wajjryb The text produced should be sound in three senses. As it is being read, the learners jot down familiar words and phrases c.

Grammar Dictation

SI as – Here as has either a causal meaning accounting for the rash of law suits or a sense of simultaneity the rash of law suits is occurring while people are turning to the law for compensation. Fortunately, you soon find out that all the members of your family and household, including your pets, are safe and unhurt.

S4 being carried out – The participle clause suggests a causal connection, that is, the use of force is the reason for the alleged breach of civil rights. In a multilingual class you may get wamnryb wide variety.

This single location in South Australia: S6 whatever – This serves to intensify the negative. She is currently engaged in doctoral research into the language of supervision in the context of TESOL teacher education.

Note the lexical chain operating through the text: S2 we have – Or there is. Language points Each text h i g hlights specific language and textual points that can serve as a teaching focus.

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There are other examples: They may then conduct their own correction from the original text. For example, the notes can easily be converted to exercises of the following type: Language points These state the key grammatical points that form the structural focus of the text.

Each pair should find out from each other how they spend their leisure time. The aims and objectives of the dictogloss procedure, as set out in the Introduction to the book, do not change through the three sections, as they are not dependent on level. S2 some – Some here works as a pronoun, meaning some people.

In some cases, quite complex syntax and vocabulary is introduced at the elementary level and this is perhaps untraditional.

Grammar Dictation – Ruth Wajnryb – Google Books

What happens in the dictogloss procedure? These have been omitted from the lesson outlines as they remain virtually constant throughout the book. End by comparing the various results. In this sense it is eminently learner-needs based.

A positive learning climate in the group is something that the teacher can subtly engineer, essentially by pre-emptive action: There is a similar usage in S3: In both the reconstruction stage and the error analysis stage of dictogloss, the issue of grammar is approached contextually. Motivation Dictogloss is grammar in response to visible needs – not dry, remote, and removed as so much grammar teaching tends to be.

Grammar that is disembodied from a context has little meaning or practical value for the language learner. By having only some fragments of a battered text, they are thereby compelled into creativity and construction. A five-sentence text has a tight logical sequence; it is not a loose random collection of individual sentence-units. Preparation This refers to anything you occasionally need to prepare before going into dictaion classroom.

NOTES SI has killed himself- The present perfect tense is used as the event is a recent one and the focus is on the fact wajbryb it happened rather than the precise time at which it happened. The various versions are analysed and compared and the students refine their own texts in the light of the shared scrutiny and discussion.


The original clause would have been: S2 to – This preposition follows attribute. The first activity takes the past continuous tense and the interrupting event takes the past simple tense. Using their pooled notes, the aid that short-term memory provides, and, most importantly, their knowledge of the language, they re construct a text whose topic, point of view, and parameters are already known.

Grammar Dictation by Ruth Wajnryb

The individual and the group Dictogloss caters for learners both as individuals and as members of a group. S8 little – Note that the meaning here is negative nearly none as distinct from the positive, if minimal, meaning of a little.

In fact this compound is a transposed wsjnryb clause: Even if the teacher and learner could reach some agreement on the question of needs, there still remains the problem of agreeing on the management or treatment of these needs.

SI eleven-year-old, – This is an adjectival phrase qualifying the proper noun Timmy. Find out to what extent your class believe in this. The case is supported by classroom-based research. NOTES 51 has risen – The present perfect simple tense is used here to indicate a time focus of recent past continuing into the present.