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There are some pretty shocking scenes, and then there are truly gruesome scenes. I wish some of the male characters Bennie, in particularwasn’t so try-hard.

Wendigo : Graham Masterton :

A weird and suspenseful tale, drawing on Native American folklore not sure how much is authentic and how much made up by the author. She clearly doesn’t want to. I love that it is based on Native American folk lore, the “Wendigo”. Well that is a creep factor in this good thriller by Graham Masterton.

It mastetton me a while to get into this one, but when John Shooks shows up, it takes a turn into new territory. The Wendigo is a nifty monster, existing in two dimensions, impossible to see edgewise. Lists with This Book. The ending felt rushed and left a lot of questions unanswered.

Some of my favorite books by the author are the earlier ones, I still have a very distinctive me Graham is my favorite writer. At one point Lily is driven to take drastic measures, which throw her and everyone wh Can you imagine knowing something is grraham but you cannot see it? The plot revolves around a woman’s whose ex-husband sends two masked men kidnap his children. Both have great characters.

The wendugo did feel like a stretch, and dashed my hopes that Masterton was going to kill everyone off in favor of an This is the second Masterton book I’ve read, and I enjoyed both. A fairly quick and easy read, though I honestly didn’t find the story all that interesting. Edgewise is a compact and brutal read, with more intestines than a haggis factory! This tale begins with a violent intrusion to Lily Blake’s house.

Graham Masterton

The story was very fluid and easy to read. The best thing about this book is that it reads very fast, so it’s over soon. This was my first Graham Masterton novel and I really enjoyed it!


Paperbackpages. The scenes of carnage are excellent and exciting.

I love the strong, perservering type, not the defeated, whiny ones that you wanna kill yourself. Edgewise is a definite page-turner that provides thrills and some chills.

Edgewise by Graham Masterton

Jul 26, Sarah rated it really liked it. Personally, I didn’t quite understand it, maybe because I didn’t find Lily likeable. It started out promising, but soon the believability of the sequence of events outweighed the story. There is a moment when the protagonist, angered that something had gone wrong with her plan, makes a clearly insane decision, and you can’t help but think, are you crazy?!

Burroughs Burroughs has co-author credit. Real estate saleswoman Lily is awoken one night by some intruders who steal her children and try to kill her – after being sent by her bitter ex-husband. I love Graham Masterton’s work, always have, he can really do no wrong, he’s such a great imaginative author and his books are always such reliably good reads.

This would have been ok for a first novel, but for someone who’s been publishing books since I was one year old it was a disappointment.

A fun, fast moving supernatural thriller. See, this woman’s in real estate and could have the ability to hand over to the local tribe a piece of land stolen from them years ago.

When you pick up a Graham Masterton book, you are probably expecting a supernatural tale, which has a few twists, but on the whole is just an enjoyable and well crafted tale. She gets mixed up with a PI who is of native American descent and he puts her in touch with a couple of native Americans who se This was okay, for the first half I was really hooked and enjoying it. Recommended for any fan of the supernatural or horror genres. Can’t imagine going through life like L Ahh, this was an easy read.

A spirit that will never rest until Lily is dead.

Jul 25, Amy rated it it was ok. Jun 30, Lindsay rated it really liked it. Edgewise was fast paced and easy to read, something that can be devoured in two sittings and thought of pleasantly after.


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I have previously matserton the Manitou books by Graham, especially Manitou 2, which had a banging ending that I still remember so this story line felt familiar and in Wendig hands it melted like putty. The FBI don’t come up with much, though, and, based on a reference she doesn’t entirely trust, the scared mother contacts a Native American who claims to have the ability to call up the dreaded Wendito, a spirit that can track just about anyone, and mastertob will do so–for a price.

She gets mixed up with a PI who is of native American descent and he puts her in touch with a couple of native Americans who send out an ancient spirit grabam ‘the Wendigo’ to hunt down the children. Overall a decent book, it held my interest and kept me reading, which is all you can really ask of a mass market paperback horror novel. No one writes like Masterton and his use of folklore and different legends, spirits and creatures mixed with the world mssterton humans always comes out with shockingly dark results that somehow seem possible.

Apr 17, Daniel rated it liked it. The main character and her occasional bouts of irrationality were the only detractions, but so very minor, plus the character does redeem herself to me at least as the book progresses. However when she can’t sufficiently pay them for their services things go horribly and fatally wrong.

Lily Blake’s first mistake was getting involved with dangerous forces she didn’t understand. But still if it was me I’d have been obedient, and without conscience for what it was doing as my children’s’ lives would have been at risk. Masterton was also the editor of Scare Carea horror anthology published for the benefit of abused children in Europe and the USA.