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Because they had the natural leadership role in the community, women threatened the power of the authorities. The bigger the system, the heavier the administration. The arrival of men medlcal the medical scene sounded the beginning of the elimination of the medicine practiced by women.

There would be a lot less sickness around! A bastardized social system for the American people.

Vinh Tran lancttot it it was amazing Aug 18, But think about what? The Manual of the inquisition, the Malleus Maleficarum the Mallet of Witches stipulated that the accused witch had to be “often and frequently exposed to torture. The two principal actors in the system have accepted to become spectators and have relinquished their power.


And that’s not even talking about surgery.

It is important to note that one must take the decision to turn the switch ON in order for ie electricity to pass. The number of medical schools was slashed from to The- best he-alth, for all, at the- best pric-e. Yet at this time, there were twice as many practitioners of alternative medicine than there were of orthodox medicine allopathic.

Vaccination encourages medical dependence and reinforces belief in the inefficiency of the body. Science makes the law. There are some that I have read from cover to cover.

Full text of “The Medical Mafia”

She has written several books in which she describes in detail the lanctoh body and the physical rules which govern it. The higher the level of consciousness.

They had established a tradition of healing based on wisdom. And the-n one- must find a way fa realize one’s dre-am.

The only truth that is of any consequence to you is your own. She too is not in good health. These figures are approximate figures applicable in It shows itself in the visible body: It is practiced by doctors trained in university medical schools.


The Medical Mafia

In addition, it is women who tend to look after the family’s health and who consult a doctor on behalf of their children and even their husbands. As an acquaintance of mine who sits on the California water management board said, “Water today is gold. Yet the visit, that is to say the regular contact between doctor and patient, is an act that is most poorly remunerated.

The challenge is staggering. In quantum physics, time and space are ‘ illusions. She decided to take a trip for a month.

THE heretical book in the medical world. No, if one defines health in another manner: And we would go and see another.