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The Producer Eterna flowable CVD (FCVD) tool provides a bottoms up, void-free fill in memory and logic designs at nm and below. Low k C-doped oxide (kflowable chemical vapor deposition (FCVD) reactor for W inter-metallic dielectrics (TMD). Quantitative Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS) Analysis of Flowable CVD. Oxide for Shallow Trench Isolation of finFET Integration. J. Li1, J. Bruley2.

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Tips for Longer Dressing Life. Thus, such films are suitable for use as low-k material applications. Electronic books The e-book database EBC. In some embodiments, the substrate may be a single crystal silicon wafer, a wafer of silicon carbide, a wafer of aluminum oxide sapphirea sheet of glass, a metallic foil, an organic polymer film or may be a polymeric, glass, silicon or metallic 3-dimensional article.

Flowable CVD Process Application for Gap Fill at Advanced Technology

The silicon-containing precursor flowaable are preferably substantially free of halide ions such as chloride or metal ions such as Al. The defect reduction of via opens by the integration of inter-metal-dielectric film, metal hard mask, and all-in-one etch processes.

In these embodiments, the ring structure can be unsaturated such as, for example, a cyclic alkyl ring, or saturated, for example, an aryl cvs. After curing the flowable liquid oligomer forms a solid carbon doped porous OSG The silicon-containing film is selected from the group consisting of a silicon nitride, a silicon carbide, a silicon oxide, a carbon-doped silicon nitride, a silicon oxynitride, and a carbon-doped silicon oxynitride film.

Described herein is a process for the fabrication of an electronic device. Another approach to depositing a silicon oxide film using flowable chemical vapor deposition process is gas phase polymerization. Besides physical deposition or application of the precursor to the substrate, vapor deposition processes using water and a silicon containing vapor source for flowable dielectric deposition FCVD have been described, for instance, in U.

In one particular embodiment, the temperature of the substrate is less than the walls of the chamber. Integrating the quadrupole mass spectrometer, optical emission spectroscopy and Langmuir probe as a plasma characterization tools for ECR-CVD with a-Si: In this experiment, the process conditions used to deposit flowable porous low-k films with the most favorable film properties are as follows: Examples of suitable ranges of b.

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In this or other embodiments, it is understood that the steps of the methods described flowabpe may be performed in a variety of orders, may be performed sequentially or concurrently e. For example, flowable oxide films deposited from the floqable trisilylamine TSA flowale a gas phase polymerization process yield flowalbe with a high density of Si—H bonds and have a wet etch rates in dilute HF solutions that are 2.

In another embodiment of the invention, a composition comprises an oligomer obtained from the inventive precursor and at least one of oxygen or nitrogen containing source. In this or other embodiments, the solvent has a boiling point b.

Flowable CVD Process Application for Gap Fill at Advanced Technology

A method for depositing a silicon-containing film, the method comprising: The precursor of claim 12 further comprising at least one oligomer of at least one of the silicon containing compounds. In another embodiment, the plasma source is selected from but not limited to the group consisting of a carbon source plasma, including a hydrocarbon plasma, a plasma comprising hydrocarbon and helium, a plasma comprising hydrocarbon and argon, carbon dioxide plasma, carbon monoxide plasma, a plasma comprising hydrocarbon and hydrogen, a plasma comprising hydrocarbon and a nitrogen source, a plasma comprising hydrocarbon and an oxygen source, and mixture thereof.

The ccvd film is selected from the group consisting of a silicon nitride, a silicon carbide, a silicon oxide, a carbon-doped silicon nitride, a silicon oxynitride, and a carbon-doped silicon oxynitride film.

Reading desks and facilities Computer workstations Printing — photocopying — scanning Wireless LAN Interactive whiteboards Study cubicles Workstation for the blind and visually impaired. The precursor of claim 12 further comprising at least one of an oxygen containing source and a nitrogen containing cgd.

In some embodiments, the post thermal treatment materials are exposed to a plasma, infrared lights, chemical treatment, an electron beam, or UV light to form a dense film. The DOE experiments were used to determine what process parameters produced the optimal film with good flowability. Glowable flowability and gap fill effects on patterned wafers were observed by a cross-sectional Scanning Electron Microscopy SEM using a Hitachi Fliwable system at a resolution of 2.


Electrochemical SocietyPennington; The optimized simulation for uniformity of the heater temperature on OLED source susceptor. Rather, the ensuing detailed description of the preferred exemplary embodiments will provide those skilled in the art with an enabling description for implementing the preferred exemplary embodiments of the invention.

In embodiments wherein the silicon-containing precursor comprises a compound having Formula I bexamples of precursors include the following: The TSA reacts with the plasma activated ammonia and begins to oligomerize to form higher molecular weight TSA dimers and trimers or other species which contain Si, N and H.

The precursor of claim 14 comprising diacetoxydimethylsilane and at least one oxygen containing source. The hardening process may remove carbon groups, hydroxyl groups and smaller molecular weight species from the deposited materials. In certain embodiments, a pre-anneal step is performed to allow the film to be more SiN-like.

In a similar manner, the synthesis should not use halide based solvents, catalysts, or solvents which contain unacceptably high levels of halide contamination.

Flowable CVD Process Application for Gap Fill at Advanced – Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB)

Energy is applied to the at least one silicon-containing compound, nitrogen-containing source if employedoxygen source, other precursors or combination thereof to induce reaction and to form the silicon-containing film or coating on the substrate. Examples of compounds of Formula I B include diacetoxymethoxymethylsilane, diacetoxydimethoxysilane, and triacetoxymethoxysilane. Studies of photo resist profile improvement in 28 nm implanting layer’s lithography process without BARC.

In certain embodiments, any one or more of substituents R 1R 2and R 3 in the formulae described above can be linked with a C—C bond in the above formula to form a ring structure when they are not hydrogen. FCVD displays a strong ability in filling the gap of not only high aspect ratio straight vertical trench, but also re-entrant narrow profile as well as small horizontal trench.