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Yusuf al-Qaradawi, probably the single most influential living Sunni Islamist figure, has just written a major book entitled Fiqh al-Jihad (The. Yusuf al-Qaradawi is an Egyptian Islamic theologian based in Doha, Qatar, and chairman of the International Union of. In some of the most animated pages of Fiqh al-Jihad, Qaradawi compares the Byzantium and Persian empires around the seventh century to.

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Thus, many Muslim scholars, led by Sheikh Al-Qaradawi, have maintained that young Muslim men should hasten to marry women who fall as rape victims, so as to reduce their suffering and console them, to compensate them for the loss of the most precious thing that they possess.

Al-Qaradawi is one of the Ulama signatories of the Amman Messagewhich gives a broad foundation for defining Muslim orthodoxy. The abduction and killing of Americans in Iraq is a [religious] obligation so as to cause them to qarxdawi Iraq immediately.

O Allah, they have spread much tyranny and corruption in the land. A “mercy” rahmah to the worlds. This means that not all Muslims are required to take up jihad if enough of them volunteered to fight thus providing the desired security.

As for me, I protect the people sha’b and I issue this fatwa: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Yusuf al-Qaradawi – Wikipedia

Along the same line citing from New York-based Jewish -run ADL Anti-Defamation League report, in 24 January al-Qaradawi had voiced his desire to see Jerusalem conquered in a fatwa in which he claimed that it was the Muslims’ duty to “defend” Jerusalem with “their lives, their money and all they pos-sess, or else they will be subject to Allah’s punishment.


Retrieved 26 October Al-Qaradawi has written of the lasting impact of this encounter, describing al Banna as “brilliantly radiating, as if his words were revelation or live coals from the light of prophecy. Al-Qaradawi was mentioned among “the sheikhs of death,” as the signatories defined those who manipulate religion to incite violence, for “providing a religious cover for terrorism.

For his stance, he was against Salafism Wahhabism extremist ideology culminating from Saudi Arabia itself. He considers execution as a penalty in principle, but the only apostates that are to be executed are those that combine other crimes with apostasy e.

Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam Iqbal s. Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Portrait of a Leading Islamic Cleric”.

Qaradawi’s Revisions

On 16 May al-Qaradawi has been sentenced to death in absentia by an Egyptian court along fiqy the ousted President Mohamed Morsi and over other Egyptians affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood. He compared them takfiri groups to dogs from Hell-fire for using religion to kill the innocents. He acknowledged that the Shia majority had legitimate concerns in regards to fairness with the Sunnis: Afifi al-Akitirules that there is no Islamic legal precedent for this view and that female soldiers can only be killed in direct combat.

In an interview with Der SpiegelQaradawi said that his attitude towards homosexuality is the same as that found in Christianity. This page was last edited on 18 Decemberat The MuslimUnited Kingdom. He strongly criticized the way Saddam was hanged: Retrieved 11 July Some of al-Qaradawi’s views, such as his condoning of Palestinian suicide bombings jiihad Israelis, have caused reactions from governments in the West: This was divine punishment for them Qaradawi, an intensely controversial figure in the West, appears on a weekly al-Jazeera program and is probably the single most influential Sunni Islamist figure in the Arab world.


On the other ijhad, Al-Qaradawi himself has advocated extremism and anti-semitism, denouncing Jews for their “corruption” and describing Adolf Jijad as having put Jews “in their place”.

Qaradawi on Jihad (1 of 3)

His insistence that apostates must be killed. He also puts emphasis on conversations with the West, including Jews, Christians, and secularists.

Now we know what the Iranians want He then joined the Institute of Religious Studies at Tantaand graduated after nine years of study. Retrieved 30 March Professor Mustafa al-Zarqa declared that owning a copy of it was “the duty of every Muslim family”.

Qaradawi on Jihad (1 of 3)

I, in the name of all scholars in Qatar, denounce such a horrendous crime and pray that it would be the last and implore God to protect this secure country. Qaradawi chairs the Union of Gooda coalition of Islamic charities supporting Hamas’ infrastructure, an organisation on the US State Department list of foreign terrorist organizations.

Although originally expected to air inno information has been released on the film since With regards to the punishment of apostasy, al-Qaradawi supports the classical Islamic tradition on some points but differs on others.

But the timing of this book merits attention.