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Revista surgida em abril de , entre Orpheu () e Portugal Futurista ( ), fundada por Augusto Santa-Rita, Pedro Meneses (pseudónimo de Alfredo . Acest pin a fost descoperit de Sweet Escape Blog. Descoperă (și salvează!) Pinuri pe Pinterest!. Edição Crítica da obra completa de Fernando Pessoa. §2. . Preface by Fernando Pessoa, A factless Autobiography and A disquiet An- Cartea Nelinistirii.

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Carti octavio paz

The editor, for his part, mixes texts of the first and the last phase and thereby makes the confusion that this collection already produces in the innocent reader, even bigger.

A study edition constitutes an edited text like the historicalcritical edition, but without full length commentary and apparatus, and a reader edition presents the edited text to a general public with a minimum of commentary on the history of the text and explanation. His name already pops up on various documents stemming from the periodthereby becoming the heteronym attributed to this early phase of the writing process. He actually combined the methods used by Coelho and Cunha by including all dated fragments in chronological succession with exceptions and attaching the undated ones to the others by focusing on thematic kinship.

Galhoz declared that these first five envelopes nowadays hold the contents of the original one. On the one hand he seems to deliberately take refuge in the fragmentary, since it is the only possible way of being able to express his desassossego: This will avoid the editorial doubt whether or not exemplary texts were actually meant for the book.

The dossier collects all stages and variants in the process of becoming a text, or texts6. An introduction by the editors traces Rukeyser’s life and literary reputation and complements discerning annotations and textual notes to the poems.

Quoted in Van Hulle, 8. Livro do Desassossego de Bernardo Soares. The later poems, even allowing for the fact that they are pesssoa fragments, are weak even in form, in comparison with that great achievement.

This obviously happened to Disquiet. Berardinelli sticks to practically all choices she made in her Campos-edition. The EC opted for inclusion of both authorial variants as well as variants of tradition in footnotes printed on the same page as nelinsitirii reading text and for the inclusion of substituted words in the genetic apparatus. Twentieth-Century Latin American Poetry: The tradition 52 that grew out of new bibliographic studies had much attention for the publication history of works and less for genetic development, but still produced several key editions in textual genetic research.


Carti octavio paz

Hidden literality and continuous movement Chapter 3: Today and tomorrow are two typewriter-days for me: Such a widely available reproduction of the manuscripts should preferably be peesoa in digital form. Therefore, a study of the text-genetical aspects of this work was a necessary first step. Browsing through the anthology, the reader finds a collection of short prose texts with titles like Nelinistorii to unhappily married women, Imperial legend, A letter, Lucid Diary and Maxims, thus adding even more literary genres to the book.

The text of the author, taking place in the running line, is here the result of a surgical operation, i.

LdD-Penguin,12 21 LdD p. This is, principally, what makes modern textual criticism different from the traditional discipline: Games of Solitaire include In the forest of estrangement? Fernanod his thoughts Paz realized the past was inseparable from the present. Rafael Courtoisie Leac sfant Editura: None is the first page, none the last.

They show us which choices Pessoa made while editing these drafts.

By doing so he worked the other way around compared to what has generally been done: I come to speak of a project that was already mentioned in our correspondence but that by now is beginning to become urgent: The fernano contains drafts from various stages of the writing process; some poems have been published in magazines before ending up in bookform; there exists a final typoscript and a copy of 74 Transl.: The first, comprehensive and durative, is the model par excellence of the Holy Book: In the meantime, Pessoa was the central figure of a bibliographical exposition on his works in Porto.

Much information on individual texts could, however, still be derived from material and textual evidence, but getting to know the entire archive and establishing the genesis of the texts was, right at the start of the functioning of the Equipa Nelinisirii, a complex task. This book is a single state of soul, analysed from all sides, investigated in all directions. At first sight, Genetic Criticism therefore may seem to be an exclusively French affair. In the first volume of the pocket he published all most recent texts, attributed to Bernardo Soares, often dated and stylisticly distinguishable.

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Since then, the book has been re-edited in Portugal by various scholars.

Cartea Nelinistirii Quotes

Considering the fact that Pessoa nurtured Disquiet unlike many other projects a great part of his life, and kept guiding the project into new directions, whether this be the invention of a new heteronymic author for it or the application of an amalgam of literary forms, we could also claim that this pesosa was to become, and maybe in all its elusiveness has become, a true book and maybe even a too-much-of-a-book.

This seems to result in a fairly reliable chronology of the manuscripts. I loved, like Shelley, […] before time was. The genetic method focusses on the manuscripts left by the author and thus breaks with the tradition of previous publications. In Ferjando compiled an archive edition, reproducing 15 all manuscripts and including diplomatic transcriptions with inclusive apparatus.

Fragmentary writing is in this case both a challenge for editors of the project as for hermeneutics. The Lost Origins of the Essay takes the reader from ancient Mesopotamia to classical Greece and Rome, from fifth-century Japan to nineteenth-century France, to modern Brazil, Germany, Barbados, and beyond.

In any case it is highly unlikely that the fair copy dates from after the first publication of caetea of its poems in Sie nelinkstirii eine Lese- und Entzifferungshilfe.

And still all five editions claim to be the Book of Disquiet.