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Studies by Washabau, et al. have shown that in naturally occurring cases of feline megacolon, sections of longitudinal and circular smooth muscle of all parts of. Constipation is defined as the infrequent or difficult evacuation of stool. It is a common problem in cats, may be acute or chronic and does not. Megacolon occurs more frequently in cats than dogs and is usually seen in middle-aged to geriatric cats. The ascending, transverse, and.

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Therapeutics There are five components to medically managing the megacolon patient. Simple constipation may resolve on its own with time.

Pathogenesis, diagnosis, and therapy of feline idiopathic megacolon.

Suppositories may be used alone or megacoln conjunction with oral laxative therapy. The resulting disease has diffuse colonic dilatation and hypomotility. What are the risk factors for constipation and megacolon in the cat? Another medication called ” lactulose ” may also be administered. Welfare Projects in Asia. This stimulant laxative may be given individually or in combination with fiber supplementation, but daily administration should be avoided because of potential injury to myenteric neurons with long-term use.

A colectomy, or removal of the colon is performed. Usually, the cat will be started on an oral medication called ” cisapride ,” which is given to stimulate the movement of food through the digestive tract.

However, in idiopathic cases, radiographic findings with colonic impaction cannot be used to distinguish constipation, obstipation, and megacolon. An X-ray is helpful in diagnosing an obstruction so have your pet examined Protozoal Infections in Strays.

Diagnostics Serum biochemistries and a complete blood count characteristically are normal, however, these should be performed in order to detect those cats with electrolyte abnormalities hypokalemia, hypercalcemia, dehydration. The cat may defecate outside of the litter box.


Other H2 receptor antagonists, cimetidine and famotidine are not effective. In addition, a diet that is highly digestible and will result in less fecal material should be used instead of the fiber-supplemented diet.

Enemas should only be given by a veterinarian, and sodium phosphate enemas such as Fleet brand should never be used as they can be deadly to cats. Fixation of the Knee Joint. Cisapride has been withdrawn from the pharmaceutics market because of cardiac toxicity in a small, select group of human patients.

In some cats, megacolon develops, in which the large intestine becomes enlarged and filled with hard fecal material. Abdominal radiography should be performed to characterize the mass and verify that it is, indeed, colonic impaction. Iranian Traditional Herbal Mixture. Colonoscopy after evacuation of impacted feces may be indicated to inspect intraluminal structural abnormalities, and contrast radiography may be used if colonoscopy is not appropriate.

A vet can give her a shot that will New Diseases and Treatments. How are constipation and megacolon diagnosed?

Feline Megacolon – WSAVA Congress – VIN

Caution must be used to reduce the risk of perforation. Control of Estrous Cycle. Acupuncture feeline GI Conditions. E canis, E chaffeensis, A phagocytophila.

Remove impacted feces 3. Cats with a history of chronic constipation refractory to appropriate medical therapies may require surgical intervention.

Serum biochemistries and a complete blood count characteristically are normal, however, these should be performed in order to detect those cats with electrolyte abnormalities feilne, hypercalcemia, dehydration.

Studies 12,13 have shown that dietary supplementation with short-chain fatty acids improves colonic smooth felin contraction in both cats and dogs. Tibial Nerve Somatosensory EP. It does not, in itself, imply loss of function or reversibility of the problem.


Treatment of Bleeding Disorders. Warm water or 0.

A thorough diagnostic investigation must be conducted to rule out predisposing problems before establishing a diagnosis of idiopathic disease. Radiology of Thoracic Trauma. It is a common problem in cats and may be acute or chronic but does not inherently imply a loss of colonic function. Obesity may adversely affect the course of the disease.

The use of cleansing enemas is not recommended before colonic surgery in veterinary medicine because preoperative enemas may change firm, dry feces into a bacteria-rich liquid capable of contaminating the surgical field.

Pathogenesis, diagnosis, and therapy of feline idiopathic megacolon.

It’s not so much the lily that has to clear from the cat’s system, but how much damage was done to the kidneys. Bulk-forming laxatives are typically minimally digestible polysaccharides and celluloses, and constipated cats may respond to dietary supplementation with one of these products.

Constipation is defined as “a condition in which bowel movements are infrequent or incomplete”; severe constipation is often referred to as obstipation. Middle-aged male cats are particularly at risk for the clinical continuum of constipation, obstipation, and dilated megacolon. How are constipation and megacolon treated? Infertility in the Bitch.

This may be accomplished by switching the cat to a commercial diet with increased fiber, or alternatively, adding psyllium, wheat bran, or pumpkin to each meal.

Pediatric rectal suppositories may be used to help with mild constipation.