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Everything Good Will Come has ratings and 90 reviews. karen said: in my mind, because i am notoriously illiterate when it comes time to read the back. Everything Good Will Come is about the coming-of-age of Enitan, the chief character, as she develops from a gripping aura of innocence to an. Abstract. Sefi Atta’s debut novel Everything Good Will Come () examines the growing up of a child from adolescence to adulthood. Through these various.

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The coups also generated ethnic violence between the different groups and tension was high. Lady Cop Makes Trouble.

Sefi Atta :: Everything Good Will Come

During a holiday visit home, Enitan and Sheri meet up and attx to a party. The Hausa dominate the northern region of Nigeria, the Yoruba dominate the southwestern region, and the Igbo dominate the evedything region.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. View all 3 comments. Chi ama i libri sceglie Kobo e inMondadori. This novel charts the fate of these two African girls; one who is prepared to manipulate the traditional system and one who attempts to defy it.

Whenever I read foreign books, they never explained the simplest things, like snow.

December 28, Imprint: Everything Good Will Come evokes the sights and smells of Africa while imparting a wise and universal story of love, friendship, prejudice, survival, politics, and the cost of divided loyalties. Yet when they meet back in Lagos, the relationship is not what it should be. She lives in Mississippi with her husband Gboyega Ransome-Kuti, a medical doctor, and their daughter, Temi. Don’t waste your time reading this.


She befriends her neighbour, Sheri, who is a rebel in every sense of the word, to the disapproval of her mother. Or a dark dark Africa, with snakes and vines and ooga-booga dialects. Who will cook for your husband? I will not pick it up again except for a class, and even then I will be reluctant to do so. ssefi

Never reverential, Enitan’s first-person narrative reveals the dynamic diversity within the city, the differences across class, generation, gender, faith, language, tradition, and individual character.

At the eerything time, reflecting the resilience of the Logosians whose lives she explores, humour is almost constant, effervescent, most often with a satirical slant No one ever bothered to tell and African!

The book is divided into three very unequal sections, and Currently, all tribes of Nigeria are functioning in a cooperative manner though underlying tension still strains the relationship. The Hausa are predominantly Muslim.

Everything Good Will Come – Wikipedia

Sheri is the wild one, the one who uses people to get what she wants. Enitan’s character explores a lot of territory, and debates herself, her friends, her co-workers and her family about all of the issues which keep affecting her as she is discovering herself.

The section sees the protagonist Enitan in her childhood, developing a friendship with Sheri the next door girl which she is forbidden to spend time with although it is never made clear why this, but she goes ahead an Shame! Stamped goor the Beginning.


And hours of my life I’ll never get back: Atta uses a memoir-like style as she narrates events in Enitan’s life but there were very few times that I felt like I should care. Thereafter, they are released; coem Enitan soon gives birth to Yimika.

But it is not until politics invades her own family that she defies her kind husband and moves from bystander to activist. When the war starts we see how the allegiance of these friends are evertthing.

Everything Good Will Come

But the parents are never really developed at the internal level, and Entian’s thoughts lack real feeling, leaving me in a cerebral mess trying to figure out what I’m supposed to take from all gold, because, lo and behold, I’m no longer emotionally invested. The main difference lies in the different political atmosphere each generation faces.

The political changes in her country affect Enitan’s life in many different ways.

To learn more about Sefi Atta, vistit her website. The ending seemed rather bland. She is an interesting, complex and contradictory character. Everything Good Will Come evokes the sights and smells of Africa while imparting a wise and universal story ata love, friendship, prejudice, survival, politics, and the cost of divided loyalties.