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Honey Bee FP2 ( and ) must not be confused with the newer Honey Bee 2 (often referred to as Honey Bee FP V2) and Honey . Discussion REQ: Esky Honey Bee King II Manual Micro Helis. am just getting ready to fly a fixed pitch heli (Honeybee FP) that’s my plan for.

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This huge heli is a total nother world. Take it slow and practice as much as you can. Replacement installed and I am now able to learn. Perhaps a reminder to me to do a bit more research before asking. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Then the gain is to high. It makes the tail rotor spinn at a certain speed. When done then bind in the new channel the RX you always have to bind the RX when using a new channel.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: And maybe a little more when being Getting of the ground to slow can cause mega drift to.

Esky Honey Bee Fp V2 Case Spares For Sale in Stamullen, Meath from Fore Iron

Fly for up to 20 mins at a time!! Just one time for each channel. So start playing with proportional settings until your tail stays in place. Homey was tempted to jump straight in to collective pitch as opposed to fixed pitch. It is part of the learning curve.


I am crashing left and right. Jan 11, Also your heli has the tendency to drift left and sometimes backwards. When you set up you Bee well you should be able to keep it in a g2 for many seconds it will drift a little.

So, its been windy outsideā€¦. Irrespective of point 1 when I press the rebind button nothing seems to happen. Customer Reviews Write your own review!

You can find me on http: Jan 10, Hi Brendan, You need honet good power source for a good charger. Else the new settings will not do a thing. Would you recommend these battery? For the the specs are:.

Also have a Walkera CB which is a bundle of fun.

So what happens if you just follow the binding procedure without having the led blink as you like? Keep in mind honwy flying a helicopter is very difficult and you will need time to master a simple thing as a tail in hover.

ESky Honey Bee V2 2.4G

The mod pictures helped me a great deal. If it is not set up well it does not fly well. This caused me more headache! You just have to switch from channel after that without any new bindings. It turned out that my 4 in 1 was dead on arrival. Mocht ik iets esmy zijn te beantwoorden of onduidelijk zijn geweest, laat het dan maar weten.


When you work with proportional you have to unpower the heli every time, else nothing will change. You nanual commenting using your WordPress. Brendan, Proportional is only for the yaw.

This just takes time. Information Adding item s to basket Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

I am using RealFlight 4. Is it something I did wrong? Notify me of new comments via email. I figure 2 years before anyone should go to something like the HB King from the total newb stage You said the only silly question is not to ask so here goes!

Its not working or doesnt pick up on my laptop. I am not ready to buy a top of the range chager as I am still new to the hobby, I know next to nothing about batteries and money is tight just now.

As usual with my time in this hobby just as I start to get somewhere a new problem eksy.