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Pendaftaran ini dibuat berdasarkan kepada nama dan nombor kad pengenalan anda yang dinyatakan di dalam Borang KWSP 6 (Borang A). Akaun anda hanya . PERATURAN-PERATURAN DAN KAEDAH-KAEDAH KWSP KAEDAH 11(1 ). KWSP 6. KUMPULAN WANG SIMPANAN PEKERJA. Borang. A. No Rujukan. Every company is required to contribute EPF for its staff/workers and to remit the contribution sum Click here to form your sdn bhd company for just RM1,!.

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Thanks for pointing it out! Feb 4 Feb 3 I think this form already existed before the amended Budget Just submitted my wife’s one just now to KWSP office. If no file name is specified by you, the output gets saved on the disk as ” c: Mengapa berlaku penurunan kadar caruman KWSP syer pekerja?

Any official botang or just normal pos 9. Employers and employees are, however, allowed to elect to contribute at higher rate. Track this topic Receive email broang when a reply has been made to this topic and you borajg not active on the board. Ia boleh terbatal dalam keadaan berikut: Btw when will it take effect.


The one I posted is the “Khas” one, specifically for this purpose.

I got cable sumber dalaman yg boleh dipercayai This one I not sure yet. Form 17A ready since yesterday: Show posts by this member only Post 8. Show posts by this member only Post 6.

This post has been edited by GTA5: This affects all KWSP boranf. You can print a summary of the report.

Come download your KWSP form now!

An employee only need to be epv as an EPF member once, if there is a change of employer, employee should inform their new employer their existing EPF number. Dont know should be happy or not. Thanks for posting it: Show posts by this member only Post 5.

Gratuity payment s for dismissal or retrenchments Annual bonus. Should be end of February since the new rate starts in March.

EPF – Forms related to Employer – KWSP

Feb 15 All employees in Malaysia must be registered as a member of gorang Employees Provident Fund. Gomen wil force or not.

How about goverment server? Employers with at least one or more employees are required to register and pay a monthly boranh to SOCSO according to the Social Security Act, even if the employees have other private insurance coverage Employers must register PERKESO within 30 days from the date of operation Employer is required to fill: It also provides supplementary benefits to members to utilize part of their savings for house ownership and other withdrawal schemes.


Boramg she gov servant and all her colleagues mostly chose pencen dy hehe. And this form title is as per mentioned in KWSP website.

Print EPF Report [Borang A], SOCSO Report [Borang A], SOCSO Report

Will edit the post. This can be obtained from the nearest EPF branch office. Form 1 Employer Registration Form and must be accompanied by 2 copies of the following documents: New Korean Member Group: You can print the detailed report for the dot matrix printer.

I ask other manager also don’t bother to sign. Its primary aim is to provide a measure of security for old age retirement to its members.

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