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English Bites: My Foolproof English Learning Formula [Manish Gupta] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A book that provides easy. My Fullproof English Learning Formula is the story of a man who goes of hilarious personal adventures and misadventures, Manish Gupta. English Bites. K likes. A BOOK by PENGUIN that provides easy solutions to problems faced by language learners. “English Bites! My Fullproof English.

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English Bites! By Manish Gupta – Book Review

Author has mistakenly put wrong title for his auto-biography. Manish knows how to write and the language is simple and breezy. The author has done an amazing job in bringing together his own experiences with the language English and sharing some of the best practices possible to master the same.

Subhamay added it Jun 04, This is what makes it an ideal companion for every student! On the day of Teachers, I remembered the author of this book- Mr. As of1. Each and every experience is humorously portrayed and contains difficult words with a glossary below to explain their meanings.

He debuted as an author with English Bites! It was a good learning experience. So the book is about how to work on fluency, vocabulary and some tips with reference to written English.

And he shares his journey in an interesting way while making you learn a few hundred new words. Add 3 Items to Cart.

To facilitate learning, the meaning of the word is lucidly explained along with examples that help to assist the reader in understanding the usage of the words. A lot of new words and their meaning and various facts about their origin has been covered well in the book.

I can’t continue with the rest of the review without thanking Manish Gupta, the author, for writing and sending the books over to us. The Freepress Journal talks about the book- English Bites!!! Usually delivered in days? So, one is not referrin English Bites! The icing on the already delicious cake is read rest of the review The word meanings given at the footer of each page helps you to a greater extent.


Irrespective of whether you are a student trying to crack competitive exams, an employee or just a language lover, you will surely like this book.

At the end of each page the meanings and usage of all these tough words are well elucidated. The best part is anyone from beginners to advanced learners of english have something to gain by reading this absolute delight piece of pedagogy. Vidhi Vijayvargiya 21 Jan, If you are deep in to language part you would love the origin of words given in the book.

English Bites! My ‘Fullproof’ English Learning Formula by Manish Gupta

The author also suggests maniah good methods of learning new words by combining mnemonics and etymology to take a firm grasp of the English language. Interesting trivia on how finest coffee is being made, travails of a sperm, infidelity and, to crown it all, Red and White wine are something that linger in my mind even after finishing the book.

Gupya book is full of quips and quotes that the reader can enjoy and at the same time learn from this is purely from the perspective of learning the language in a simpler manner from the book, which I enjoyed. The answer is simple — he talks to you, tells bitee stories and gives you ample time to absorb the word till he gives you the next.

The path of learning English is full of interesting anecdotes and we all must have had our share mamish embarrassing moments of wrong English, written or spoken and this book provides a funny picture of quite a lot on them. Dec 06, Kritika Narula rated it it was amazing. This book is an investment that you will treasure for a very long time.


English Bites will add a lot of words to your vocab, will tell you interesting trivia about the language, origin of words, their meanings and a lot more. Being a guy who is born and brought up in Trivandrum, I can identify myself with Manish in the book as the narrative is quite autobiographical.

I too had a diary where I put down the new words and their meanings. These stories coupled with his experiences in life help to add a lot of humour to the text. English used to give me nightmares at some point of time in my life. The jumping about of course meant that I was constantly losing track of where I was in the story and had to go back and re-read parts.

What I personally liked about the book is the meaning of words given at the footer of each page, at times you feel like you are reading a dictionary, but then I am sure my word bank has definitely increased after reading this book.

If you don’t even now, God help you.

Hope English Bites grows, evolves and endears to one and all just like the language! He gipta likes trivia, travelling, adventure sports, delving into human psychology and giving professorial discourses to colleagues, family and friends—practically anyone who can give him a patient hearin Manish Gupta is a leadership consultant, facilitator and train.