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: Emax Cf kv Brushless Motor W/prop Saver for Rc Airplane Multicopter(pack of 4 Pcs): Toys & Games. The Emax CF brushless out-runner motor is slightly more powerful than the E-Flite Park It is capable of producing up to 22oz of thrust and generate. KV (rpm/V), Diameter, mm. Length, mm. Shaft, 3mm. Prop Size, 10×5 or 10x Customer Reviews. 0 Based on 0 reviews. 5 Star. 0%. 0. 4 Star.

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Rewinding and experimentation This is where this little motor really shines and truly shows it’s value. As a new RC hobbyist, It would be a nice thing to see how rewinding a motor is done. Avoid constant high throttle.

They look small but pack good punch. Will try KV to slow down.

If you lose one or both of the screws you can replace them easily with a 3mm socket head screw. How well are they balanced?

Questions about this item? It works well on a wide variety of models weighing from 10 to 25 ounces, and is especially well suited for slow flying models, such as the GWS Slow Stick.

We recommend you use 3. Although the motor is not designed to be mounted on its front face, it is possible to modify it to do so. I’m sure there are other great motors out there, maybe I just haven’t found the one that I like better- yet.

Please login to know Stock Quantity. Ejax is probably one of the main reasons these motors are our enax for our combat planes.

Mounting plate- the base of the motor is held into the mounting plate by two little grub screws. Purchased Emax CF was identical to the original motor that was damaged.


Emax CF2822 Brushless Outrunner Motor

I’ve seen other winds succeed and work well with this motor. Have found it quite hard to find these little gems. If you want to try a different option you could check out the CrashTestHobby site emqx use a modified Deans mini connctor like Lee does.

Weaknesses There are some gotchas with this motor. I’ve seen posts that claim the little red motor is a decent six dollar motor, but a crappy ten eemax motor. Alternative mounts have been pretty pricey, depending on what you need. Address the items in the weaknesses section and for about six bucks you’ve got what I think is a great emwx.

Great little motor for the price. But the truth is if you buy two spares, three motors break.

I get them from home depot in the hard to find cabinets, it’s the smallest size metric screw they carry. A drop of bearing oil on the front and rear bearing every now and then and they will last for a long time.

Too bad we don’t live closer, we could take a weekend and have a rewind party: Take a look downstairs and see what you have.

It works well across a wide variety of planes and for pilots with a broad range of skill levels. Since most gliders use a front firewall, this makes it awkward to mount the motor. A little time and the right wire and you can take a burned out motor and end up with one that works better and is more reliable.

Our sod farm reportedly has been sold but I’m pretty sure we are still going to be there for the spring sWARm, Check us out on our Utah County flying thread on RC Groups, drop in a say hi. Ninja, Good article on the motor that I have purchased more of than any other.


I’ve bent a couple of shafts myself I bet there is a joke there somewhere. See related products for Bullet Type Connectors. APC 7 x 4E. APC 9 x 6E. This is an amazingly powerful and well-built motor for its super low price.

Why Do We Love the Little Red Motor? (Emax CF) | Flite Test

On the motor mounts I usually replace the little grub screw with a hex head cap screw. Cool- I’ll check ’em out: Neskair on January 16, Bearings- the bearings are cheap, they can be replaced if needed.

A lot of new flyers will try to get into the hobby as cheaply as possible. Royall on November 15, I had the prop saver way out on the end of the shaft and clipped a telephone wire. With the pushers I just leave the shaft full length and haven’t managed to bend one yet.

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EMAX CF2822 Outrunner Brushless Motor

But have also had good luck replacing them. The result works superbly. At around six dollars these guys are almost disposable.

The first thing to do to prevent them from breaking is to make sure the motor is mounted securely see above. Foam Addict on November 14, These motors are often delivered with the screws loose.

So you can screw the mounting plate to the model’s firewall and then secure the emzx with the grub screw. Ive just bought 6 more.