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Praise. “A collection of essays straight out of Dante’s Inferno. The hell is there, and its name is America as with Malcolm X, Cleaver’s book is a. PDF | Despite its limitations, “Soul on Ice” is not only the closest and most influential Eldridge Cleaver’s efforts at sexual myth-making and analysis of black. Written by Erin Morris Eldridge Cleaver was a well-known leader of the Black In , Cleaver published his memoir Soul on Ice, which he wrote while.

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I looked for this book yesterday, and I found it where I remembered it as having been. He quotes another inmate to suggest that his opinion tells the story of many black men.

Although it contains a wealth of exposure to many o I had to be very careful with this review because I had to remember that I was reviewing the book and not assessing Eldridge Cleaver as a person. Complex in terms of how I felt throughout the read. And most particularly this book has an excellent narrative on Responsibility, in the existential sense, in only a few pages. But it does grab attention, and I must contend, make for powerful literature.

Was a criminal until he was sent to prison, eldridgf then he started to read, and read and read. I believe it was in this period that he began to become a mover and shaker in the black power movement, and in which he also began this book. I think the consensus was that the author was very intelligent, but came across as a bit eldrifge at times; we considered during that timeframe in history and his environment, being crazy was a strong possibility.

In particular, this book has pretty much everything you need to know about interracial relationships, plus some. Though some of the specifics of Eldridge Cleaver ‘s ideology are a bit dated, his overall intellect shines through in this tome that shares uncomfortable truths about not only Western society, but modern society in general.

Soul on Ice by Eldridge Cleaver | : Books

Thus he returns once to the arms of the Republican party, another time to evangelical Christianity, eldriege to the Unification Church and later to his own personal synthesis philosophy, Chrislam, searching for a place to belong, but never elucidating a single point of focus as succinctly as Malcolm. He also goes into blacks pursuance of white females having more to do with black self hatred more than anything else. So from our numbness we can easily launch criticisms, judgments, without feeling what we say.

Soul on Ice A serial rapist and homophobe–“homosexuality is a disease, like baby rape or the deisire to be president of General Motors”–he also happens to be freakishly brilliant.


It claims that he applied for a technical writer position at Apple Computer in ; his resume listed a single publication, this book. That’s the way I remember it. We are repeating ourselves here and what this book is to teach the radical, the centric, the entire body of the human race that we must break this chain at the risk of each of our lives for this cause of equality, it sounds scary, yes, but we do it for the hundreds of millions to be born into this world.

Maybe more than a small miracle. There are thinkers with a wider and more consistent body of work who can occupy that role with greater adequacy whose attractive language is not merely a vehicle for speculating upon perverse ideas. I have no answer for you.

Jan 29, loafingcactus rated it really liked it Shelves: Whether you agree or disagree with it, this book does an amazing job offering a pure and unfiltered presentation of Cleaver’s perspective. As with all such artists Henry Darger for instance appreciation of Cleaver is deeply complicated. Just as John Brown who Cleaver canonizes is a murderous lunatic in one context, for killing people for the cause of abolition, in another context, for example after Lincoln declared war, killing people becomes just.

Whatever you do, make sure you don’t write a Goodreads review about cleager. This memoir is a keeper. At its best, it is righteously angry, ripe with insight into American cultural life his take on Chubby Checker, Elvis, beatniks, and the Beatles is amusing and lnand expressive of the deep rifts between black and white society.

There were other aspects of the book and the AA struggle that are spot on. The Black Power movement differs from what is known as the earlier Civil Rights Movement in a couple of ways.

The Civil Rights Movement supported nonviolence, whereas the Black Panther Party was more radical in its acceptance of violence as an equally valid form of resistance. His analysis that the program espoused by Elijah Muhammad was ineffective did not lead him to conclude that the American experience held any greater virtue by contrast.

Tuesdays and Thursdays 9: As others have indicated, a deep confusion resides here; Cleaver repeatedly denigrates James Baldwin, his apparent overriding reason being Baldwin’s sexuality, while praising Norman Mailer, who appea It’s a mixed bag — like Cleaver’s life, like anyone’s life, like America’s history, like any history.

It seemed to intimate only what it was like to be Eldridge Cleaver, and what it was like to live in Eldridge Cleaver’s mind.

His murder was an act of racist violence against the idea that a black man could desire a white women, and further, the threat that he would defile her purity through miscegenation. One of Cleaver’s own narratives again returns to haunt him as a new generation found itself prepared to pummel him with the same question “Old Lazarus, why come you’re not dead?


I read it with a sense of loss, however: A large portion of the book’s latter subject matter consists of an idea that a partition between the world of the white man and the world of the black man can be adequately represented, in short, by saying that sohl white man assigned the black man the status of being representative of the Body capitalization as it appears in the book while the white man appoints himself as a personification of the Mind.

Am I the only one who hates the stupid racist ad on GoodReads? Its orientation was towards a grassroots fusion of street clexver with a rediscovered deep leftist political ideology.

Soul on Ice

If you had to say everything you wanted to say about what your life means in the context of the entire universe, can you say it in a way that a person would read, and could read and could understand?

When combined with a mostly self absorbed radicalization and the crushing defeat suffered by the Panthers at home, his appetite for resistance was left fatally injured upon his return. This because he’s actually rejected it. He theoretically conflates American blackness, Masculinity, heterosexuality, the fecund, potent body, and menial work.

We moved into this house in but the room where the b I looked for this book yesterday, and I found it where I remembered it as having been. But assigning that anger under an auspice of fighting the good fight for an oppressed people strikes me as rather egotistical. These essays are polemical and personal. He was possessed of a rich, raw eloquence and the ability to manipulate profanity as a form of punctuation.

Soul on Ice (book) – Wikipedia

It is really a complex movement taking place of which we are mere parts. It is important to consider how Cleaver benefits from presenting his heinous crimes in this way. This fusion, while possessed of the noble aim to draw urban youth in from exile to be politically engaged, was also lacking the long view which renews political ties with a progressive past in order to build upon prior knowledge instead ics duplicating present effort.