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El Güegüense: Nicaragua: Daily life and social customs: is the annual performance of El Güegüense, a satirical drama that depicts resistance to colonial rule. Pay less for premium El Gueguense at Cigars International. If you enjoy the theatre, then you simply must try to see El Güegüense the next time you visit Nicaragua. This theatrical play is often regarded as being.

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The characters in the production all use masks and their clothing is bright, colorful gueguenes traditional — aspects of the wardrobe which make the play an extra-special treat for foreigners.

Protestar es un Derecho

At first light you’re punched in the face with flavor and strength after that hit its a smoking dream. Primary links About Submit. Even more worrying for the fl was his reasoning.

It was passed down orally for many centuries until it was finally written down and published into a book in The excerpt presented by the dance troupe, lively though it was, gave only a taste of the whole work, the plot of which goes something like this: It was the first literary work to emerge from Guevuense in its post-Columbian era and so it is often seen as sort of literary icon. Reviews There are no reviews yet.

This cigar is certainly worth every penny and every puff. Showing of 19 Reviews Sort By Date: Protestar es un Derecho. They typically go barefoot or wearing sandals and they carry a rattle with a metal point. Full bodied flavors of Leather and Dark Cocoa beans.


Nick out did himself with this one. DemocraciaAbierta Global platform for Latin American voices. But the turnout, though impossible guegense know precisely due to a near-obsolete electoral register was estimated to have been lower than previous years. By the 18th century, though, many people of mixed Spanish-Native heritage had switched to speaking a hybrid of Spanish and Nahuatl, which became the common language in that part of Central America.

The Theatrical Masterpiece of El Güegüense – English Blog | By Nicaragua Channel

I will shop there again. As to what this allegory means, scholars have spent decades trying to figure that out. The public is not PLI There is a tendency to write off recent polling in Nicaragua as just another cog in the Guegusnse machine.

Being from Estelli I though, OK Where that democratic consciousness is this year is, as yet, unclear. Local Directory Add My Business. It is thought that the play would have been passed down orally for generations until it was finally written down and published.

Cigar required frequent touch ups though. Click the icons below for product information. I always lean toward the “big name” brands, until I visited a really good, experienced smoke shop.

El Gueguense: Nicaragua’s Irreverent Trickster

Tony Reichhardt is a freelance writer in Fredericksburg, VA. Very enjoyable smoke, nice flavor. We are working with Nicaraguan artists to bring more wonderful art to the public and to benefit these great artists. Inten years into the Sandinista revolution, a ramshackle coalition of fourteen different parties jumped at the chance of a gueguenze open election. All trademarks and web sites that appear throughout this site are the property of their respective owners.

No mention was made to national or international observers, even though the EU delegation to Nicaragua has set an end of May deadline if they are to be invited.


They were a big disappointment. Rather than directly confronting or challenging an authority, he attempts to appear consistently co-operative and compliant, while utilizing subterfuge to undermine Spanish authority.

Like the stage, it’s a legitimate cigar.

Some bitterness as you smoke thru it. By providing my gueguene address, I agree to receive special offers by email from Cigars International.

In too, when after months of predicting certain Sandinista victory, Ortega was decisively defeated at the polls. The 20th-century Nicaraguan poet Pablo Antonio Cuadra called the play’s wily antihero, El Gueguense, “the first character in Nicaraguan literature. This cigar is a little piece of heaven Great Smoke smooth from the. Each year in mid-January, during the feast of San Sebastian, the play is presented in the streets of Diriamba, a city of about 35, people in Nicaragua’s Carazo province.

El Güegüense

In too, with a practically demolished PLC, finally crumbling under the reputation of El Gordothe election became a two horse race. I had trouble keeping it guegkense. And ell can only steal so many votes. Below is a description: Or, if you would rather call us with your order, you can reach us at Click here for contest rules. Certainly some public sector workers, long used to being bussed off to FSLN rallies and celebrations willingness asidewill simply respond with what they think their employer wants to hear.