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E/ECE/ Rev.1/Add/Rev.2 E/ECE/TRANS/ Regulation No. 43 page 4 CONTENTS (continued) Annex 3 Annex 4 Annex 5 Annex 6 Annex 7 Annex 8. Mr. Masaru Morikawa, General Safety Subcommittee, JASIC. – Safety Glass Testing according to ECE R Mr. Pham Minh Thanh. E/ECE/TRANS/) November 2, STATUS OF UNITED NATIONS REGULATION ECE UNIFORM PROVISIONS CONCERNING THE APPROVAL.

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The presence or absence of conductors or heating elements. The choice of test pieces shall be representative of the production of the various types of windscreen.

The height of drop for the various thickness categories and the mass of the detached fragments are given in the table below: Dimensions in mm Key 1 Sheet of cardboard 2 Spray pattern Figure 9 View A of Spray Pattern Furthermore perform a trial run without a test panel, carrying out 10 washing operations 10 double passesto distribute the suspension evenly in the apparatus.

The temperature within the exposure apparatus during the dry portion of the cycle shall be controlled by circulation of sufficient air to maintain a constant black standard temperature. Number of Test Pieces Four test pieces from the series having the smallest developed area and four test pieces from the series having the largest developed area, selected in accordance with the provisions of Annex 13, shall be tested.

Headform Test on a Complete Windscreen 3. The term “indices of difficulty” covers a two-stage grading system applying to the variations observed in practice in each secondary characteristic. When the material is supplied in set widths, a length of at least mm covering the entire width shall be cut.

The trade names or marks, 1. Three samples out of four shall give satisfactory results for each chemical. When a fragment extends beyond the excluded area only the part of the fragment falling outside of the area shall be assessed.


General Requirement This test shall be performed only if the laboratory deems it useful in the light of the information in its possession concerning the interlayer. The requirements of Annex 3, Paragraph 7.

VW T25 Opening Quarter Light Glass LHS Ece-r43 E37 C | eBay

For ordinary laminated-glass or glass-plastics windscreens: After the test the cuts are examined with a magnifying glass to check that they reach the subsurface. All glazing materials, including glazing material for the manufacture of windscreens, shall be such that, in the event of shattering, the danger of bodily injury is reduced as far as possible.

For vehicle Category M in Test Area A, r443 to the median plane of the vehicle, and in the corresponding part of the windscreen symmetrical to it about the longitudinal median plane of the vehicle, and also in the reduced Test Area B according to Paragraph 2.

For windscreens of other categories of vehicles, the test shall be carried out in ecs Zone I defined in Paragraph 9.

Benefits at a Glance. It shall be ascertained whether that model can be included among the five largest or the five smallest selected for approval of the group in question; 9.

Sand Drop Test 6. Safety Glazing Other than Windscreens 4. The approval mark shall be clearly eec and be indelible.

The ball test shall be considered to have given a satisfactory result if the following conditions are met: Three samples out of four, among which the cross-cut sample mentioned above when applicable, shall give satisfactory results for each chemical. To minimize the temperature change of the test piece, the test shall be performed within 30 seconds of the removal of the test piece from the conditioning appliance.

Test of light transmission measurement in accordance with the requirements of Annex 3, Paragraph 9. The incorporation or otherwise of conductors.


VW T25 Opening Quarter Light Glass LHS Ece-r43 E37 C9065

Measurement of burning time is completed when the flame has come to the last measuring point or when the flame is extinguished before reaching that point.

Number of Test Pieces 3. Results The minimum frequency for the check shall be one complete test per month for each thickness class. For curved glass panes having a minimum radius of curvature “r” of less than mm. The pins also serve as measuring points at the beginning and end of ecee burning ee.

The cross-cut test shall be carried out on one of the test pieces from Paragraph 6. The nominal thickness of the interlayer or interlayers, 1. Using a soft bristle, anti-static brush, lightly brush off any debris adhered to the surface of the test pieces or alternatively rinse the test pieces with distilled, deionized or demineralised water.

Interpretation of Results A windscreen type shall be considered satisfactory with respect to secondary-image separation if, in the four windscreens submitted for testing, separation of the primary and secondary — images does not exceed the values given below for each zone or test area.

Automotive Glass Testing in Compliance with ECE R43 | WO | TÜV Rheinland

As a result of the impact, cracks and fissures in the test piece shall however be permitted. The cross-cut value Gt1 is met. The windscreen shall be mounted at the same angle of inclination as on the vehicle. rce

The nature of the material polished plate glass, float glass, sheet glass1.