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E5C2. Control Output. Input type (specify temperature range from choices below) type . Omron Europe B.V. EMA-ISD, tel:+31 23 , fax:+31 23 Temperature Controller DIN-sized (48 x 48 mm) Temperature Controller with Analog Setting. method, Control mode, Output, Minimum scale division (°C), 2, 2, 1, 2, 5, 10, Analog setting, No indication, ON/OFF, Relay, Model, E5C2-R20P-D.

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Here is how you can locate the tracking number: And then the parcels will be pass to courier.

J IC Iron versus Constantan. See Details on eBay Watch Contact.

Product documentation Download datasheets, manuals and brochures. Europe Austria Belgium nl fr. Power Supply If the load circuit is a heating control system, be sure to connect the resistance thermometer to the E5C2 as shown in the following illus- omrln to terminals 4 and 5. Kindly contact our customer support for more details. Please log in or get direct access to download this document. Please contact our customer support and explain them your situation.

More languages de es fr it. To clean the surface of the E5C2, use a soft cloth wet with neutral detergent or alcohol. Others Do not remove the housing of the E5C2, otherwise the housing may break. IP40 IP66 cover available. Do not use any organic solvent, such as paint omdon or benzine, strong omrron or strong alkali to clean the surface of the E5C2, otherwise the surface of the E5C2 will become damaged Subscribe to product updates Newsletters about product innovations, solutions and services, directly in your inbox.


Temperature Setting Precautions Mounting Track Mounting E5C2 with P2CF When mounting two or more E5C2 models with track-mounting sock- ets, leave a space of approximately 20 mm on both sides of the sock- ets where hooks are located. Power Supply If a single power supply is used for the E5C2 and the load, the supply voltage of the power supply may vary greatly when the load is open or closed if the e5c2-r2l0-d of the power supply is not large enough.

Our warehouse do not pmron orders durning weekend or any United States public holidays.

E5C2-R20L-D 50/450C AC200/240

Thank you for your interest You now have access to E5C2 A confirmation email has been sent to Continue to page. Where can I find a RMA? For ensuring all the items are in good quality, we will test all products before the packages were sent out. We believe that you would like to pay for the item cost except unnecessary costs. Total delivery time is split into two parts: In the interest of product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.

Shipping time In general, the delivery time of each international courier is as below: Please accept our apologies and try again later. Enter text from picture: Front Connecting Socket with Finger Protection. J IC iron vs. Do you provide tracking number? We also make use of tracking cookies to gather information about your activity and behaviour on our website.


Values in are the thermistor resistive value. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

E5C2-R20L-D-AC Omron Temp Controller / Out of Stock – Santa Clara Systems

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We focus on product quality, rather than packaging and marketing, in order to deliver the finest quality of product at a fraction cost. We are ready to help. Back Connecting Socket for flush mounting.

Do not use an inverter output as the power supply. Protective Cover for finger protection. This method is used due to legal issues and to make certain that no-one can abuse your e-mail f5c2-r20l-d. And we are more than willing to assist you any further. E5C2 Analogue Temperature Controller R5c2-r20l-d the load circuit is a cooling control sys- tration. To convert grams into ounces, multiply by 0. Super high amount of views. Like us on Facebook.

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