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Diamond CPVU-8 Vertical for Shortwave and V/UHF; MV5+3, MV6+3 Multiband HF antenna; DIAMOND CP-6S; DIAMOND CP-5HS; GP-3 / GP-2 W / GP-3W. Diamond Antenna CP5H antennas are 5-band (40, 20, 15, 10, and 6 meter) trap vertical antennas with trap radials. Their light weight ( lbs.). 7/14/21/28/50MHz (40m/20m/15m/10m/6m) 29MHz FM Max. power rating: W SSB (7MHz), W SSB (14/21MHz), W SSB (28/29/50MHz) Impedance.

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They are quite easy to tune up by changing the length of radials. For operation on HF no further radials are required!

Diamond CP-5HS Antenna | My new Diamond CP-5HS vertical fiveā€¦ | Flickr

Ease of setup and operation speaks for itself. Total length only approx 3m MV I didn’t have mine mounted any higher than that. I was shocked by the fit and finish of the antenna when I’ve receive it. Although not now in production, and it should be, I have a Cushcraft R5 which is about 15 years old, and the only time it causes any trouble is when it soaking wet and the 17 metre trap jumps to 1: The radials can be installed on one side only if space restriction requires.

New to Ham Radio? Diamond CP5H any thoughts? Keep up the good work, Diamond. Connector PL jack, the small transport length only 1. Includes a radial kit of PVC coated copper wire one radial per band.

Usual high quality finish and easy mounting, as known by Diamond products. I bought this and mounted it on the roof of our single floor, flat roof, concrete box house on base. Contact the site with comments or questions.


The antenna does not require radials, the radiator is grounded. The BB-7V is a wideband antenna, so it works also outside the amateur bands. This thing is years ahead in terms of craftmanship and materials compared to Cushcraft. Diamond multiband vertical HF antenna with shortened radials for diamnod, 10, 15, 20, 40, 80m. Due to the slim body the antenna is very unobtrusive. Was a bit scared purchasing a vertical trap, but living in base housing means space restricted.

A wire antenna withe the same principle is the Diamond BB-6W. If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions about Reviews, please email your Reviews Manager. Already have many European contacts in the log including 40m. Total height only 4.


I have heard of people having issues getting the Hustler BTV’s to load up correctly because I have been researching them as they are cheap and once you get them tuned, they work but you have to add radials also In this band the antenns is surprising in local ou regional qso’s.

In stock diamone, shipped in 1 or two days. I thought I should give diamohd update on this antenna, as my views have changed for the better.

This is an update to my recent review. On some bands a simple tuner is required, the built-in tuners of many rigs are usually sufficient. Email Subscription You are not subscribed to this review.

K6FIJan 22, Excellent explanations about antenna radial systems are provided by some manufacturers, for example by SteppIR and Bencher english text:. I was VERY cp–5hs. The radiator of the CP-6 is DC-grounded which gives a good protection against static charges and nearby lightnings. For the same reason a short cable with a choke is included in the shipment.


Gain on 2m is 2. Weight only 4kg, transport length only 1.

Diamond CP-5HS 5 band vertical antenna

Like any such antenna it requires a good counterpoise radials, conducting surface. I have the older discontinued Diamond m CP6 and is not finiky at all, easy to install and logs DX quite easily Sounding more and more like I am getting a new antenna.

If the vertical antenna should be installed on the ground other radials are required at least as long as the antenna is high, better longer, as many as possible, not less than The radiator is grounded, thus preventing static discharge. The resonance frequencies are adjusted for each band separately except 10 and 12m, which influence each other slightly and might require a tuner.

I would still mention the drift when the antenna gets wet, but as a portable antenna that is easy to set up with repeatable performance it is pretty ideal. That’s good, because the one criticism I was going to make of the ‘5 is that the bandwidth is pretty small on 80 and it doesn’t work that well anyway.

Nothing great but it does prove that the antenna works. K6FIDiaond 18,