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I had dreamed of being on Deosai since Eventually got there in the summer of It was every bit like the descriptions I had read in. Deosai: Land of the Giant 25 April Bookmark and Share. From DEOSAI: THE LAND OF THE GIANT – available at Sang-e-Meel Publications. For centuries, it is believed that this place is haunted by giants, thus the name ‘ The Land of the Giants’ came into being. The weather in quite.

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Sami Qureshi Apr 27, Anum Hasan Apr 28, Beautiful Thanks Mehdi for Great Pictures. Very beautiful pictures indeed. Bhatti Apr 27, Azhar Khan Apr 28, Army vehicles were returning half-way, waving to me to turn back due to rough weather.

Why is this that our natural beauty so wonderfully beautiful. Lalit Apr 28, Zubair Apr 28, Things are changing now.

Pristine Pakistan, that mention of the sad accident could have been avoided, that was a solitary accident at that place. Thank you so much for sharing. Sad to know about the attitude of the local communities and the mismanagement of wild life department.


The land of Giants, Roof of World – Deosai National Park

Beautiful plains in the middle of barron mountains. Beautifully described, but it is much more beautiful than that because it is not possible to describe its beauty in real way WOW, what stunning scenery. Crossing the bridge at Barra Paani, there is a road which leads to Sheosar Lake. So, you, good people, are the Chosen Ones. The writer is a network engineer by profession, and a traveler, poet, photographer and writer by passion.

The Deosai Plains are the world’s second highest alpine plain. Iftikhar Ahmed Abbasi Apr 28, December 23, The land of the lznd.

Anjum Arshi Apr 28, Billu Apr 27, There are a plethora of other small businesses that are not lamd popular and in the absence of tourist traffic, it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to survive. Saving my money from Now to travel to this place! This article reminded me of the beautiful memories of College when I read about Deosai first time and mesmerised by its beauty.

Reviewed September 20, Wish to be blessed enough to take this wonderful journey. He can be reached on Facebook.


The land of Giants, Roof of World – Review of Deosai National Park, Skardu, Pakistan – TripAdvisor

Shoesar lake is the most beautiful place in Deosai planes infact Pakistan. Muhammat Tahir Naeem Apr 27, Lina Apr 28, I went to Deosai National Park in the first week of August this year.

Nature has many facets, this one a page from its beauty, words may have a limit to express such beauty. Deoeai can truly become a great Tourist destination, especially for country in the neighbourhood. I put him in a college in Rawalpindi with my pension, savings, and labor. About Us Help Center. I saw an old man sitting beside a grave.

But somehow these pics make me want to visit this place. Sometimes wilderness have it’s own charm. If ever you wish your travel tales to be published on a regular basis, please email me.

Adventurer Apr 28, PShailendra Apr 27, Ask bilalt about Deosai National Park.