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Title: Year-Old Virgin. By: Sierra_Sitruc. Rating: M. Genre: Humor/Romance. Pairing: Bella/Edward. Warning: OOC Edward, but it’s meant. Decoy – yearoldvirgin. Summary-. A deal that will change their lives: Bella Swan is tired of being a nobody and makes a deal with one of the most popular. She had said in chat one day, while I was writing Decoy, that people had Tagged yearoldvirgin, Decoy., Edward Cullen, Eight Days a.

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Or the sex was hot?

Manny Edward in a towel FTW! But what happens when Edward discovers Ben is actually a girl who goes by the name Bella Swan? I was careful, making love to her like you were supposed to for a woman’s first time.

Then I remembered it. But there are a few that 107yearodvirgin pwned me as I was reading them. It might as well be. A couple hours later, she started talking. To top off this excellent fic combo, the chapter titles and theme songs that accompany each are all Beatles songs. Already knowing her answer, I gracefully hoisted myself above her. My mouth dropped open and I imagined I had the same look on my face that Alice did in the car earlier.

Her body arched, obviously that move had pleased her a lot more than I had planned on it doing.


For The Summer especially pawned me. Bella picked up the backpack and the gun. Might have to indulge in some Wardo and Bunny again real soon! Or is she more? Her brown eyes stared at me, worshipping my previously unknown skill at going down on a woman.

Well, from that fic we obvs know Virgy can bring it when it comes to humor! View my complete profile.

I am curious as to how other readers are managing their material and being able to reference 107yearoldvurgin to. My arms will no longer carry me, and I feel them go out from under me, followed by my legs, and finally I lay flat against the surface of this foreign planet.

In the SmutLight – The Works of 107yearoldvirgin

It was my first time, too, after all. Not that any year-old virgins existed besides myself. But is she who he thinks she is? But if Bella didn’t want me, now she had found out I was a virgin…Shit! I wake up with a boner every morning like any healthy year-old male. From the front we still get the sexiest damn face in the world under a wild mop we adore: I was hopeful to get some insight into what she had thought of our first time. Happy belated Sinday, Ladies!

The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Can anyone tell me where I can find the following fics: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.


In the SmutLight – The Works of yearoldvirgin | The TwiFic Lounge

Those two can be a lethal combo, you know. Thanks everyone for your additional recs. He makes the sanest people do insane things things. Ddecoy rest of my team continues yelling at me through my headset, but their voices begin to feel too far off — like an echo down a long hall from the far end. Even if that meant I had to tell her the dreaded truth of my virginity. Jan 27, — Published: I started a Taste of Innocence and I like it.

I looked at her tempting body, my cock aching with the need to do what it instinctually wanted to do: Notify me of new comments via email. Jul 23 — Published: RA and it’s authors are only responsible for the statements made in the blog, they as individiduals write. My tongue moved fast and didn’t get tired. Now, the night 107yearoldvirgi our honeymoon, my excuses were over.