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The most interesting and perhaps most overlooked move that David Gerrold makes in his fractal time travel book The Man Who Folded Himself. This classic work of science fiction is widely considered to be the ultimate time- travel novel. When Daniel Eakins inherits a time machine, he soon realizes that. With an introduction by Robert J. SawyerThe Man Who Folded Himself is a classic science fiction novel by award-winning author David Gerrold. This work was.

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But the writing is simple and enjoyable. I’m loving my time-travel kick! Jul 18, Tej rated it liked it Shelves: Truly a ‘strange and wonderful book.

While many issues are only treated briefly, and the mechanics of time travel are perhaps wisely only alluded to, I was fascinated by the implications of time travel that were explored. Eakins’ adventures through the ‘Life is full of little surprises.

I’m guessing that All You Zombies is marked as the first time the idea is used by a well-known SF writer no doubt the author of the dissertation has managed to locate several unknowns who got there before Heinlein There’s genres, sub-genres, and sub-sub-genres.

The Man Who Folded Himself (Literature) – TV Tropes

When he goes back to the distant past and confronts a female version of himself, the book again sets the stage for his later self-cancellation. Read on and find out for yourself. Yes he meets himself.

But its somewhat of a disturbing one. Clearly, I was not convinced: Aug 30, Apatt rated it it was amazing Shelves: Part of my problem is that Gerrold seems to be unsure of the consequences of time travel himself w I’m truly not sure how I feel about this book. I go back and forth regarding exposition in general, but the ideas presented in The Man Who Folded Himself were so complex himsrlf concrete that I was completely drawn in. I am getting real sick of this book – all these what ifs and how many people there are.


Perhaps it’s only the fact that language, which allows me to manipulate symbols, ideas, and concepts, also proves the himselc of self that precedes the inevitable analysis.

But the content is mostly all fresh to me. You could argue that it was just something Daniel wrote without fully understanding that—later—he would be giving the diary to someone, and I might say that this was fair, but why would we need to see the full schematic either way? I’ve mna this book twice – maybe actually three times – and both times, I’ve gerold it in rhe single sitting – about three hours. I love Time Travel books.

The rules of time travel allows all possibilities of choices to exist as layers on top of each other.

On Reading: “The Man Who Folded Himself” by David Gerrold – Minefield Wonderland

For a novel ofit bravely addressed homosexuality, and included, of course, self-cest, because what’s a classic time travel loop without self-cest. Gerrold thought of every angle here. Can Daniel find himself amongst the multiple versions and parallel realities that emerge? Perhaps I’m only a body pretending the vanity of being something more.

Jul 01, Amber rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Science fiction is a genre; the time-travel story is a sub-genre; and, I would argue at any rate, the time-travel story where you end up having sex with yourself is a sub-sub-genre.

This is one of the most textured science fiction books I’ve read and I look forward to returning to it again. I could be any of them- but I cannot be all. At first that was interesting.

The Man Who Folded Himself

The journal is a collection of entries by all the people who have worn th I can’t say enough good things about this book, but I can definitively narrow down all the bad things into one simple sentence. Escaping her home routine for a few hours, year-old Katie grabs her bike himse,f leaves behind her cranky baby, hyperactive brother and struggling single mom.

Jun 06, Camille rated it it was amazing Shelves: And my mind has been carried headlong with it—this lump of flesh travels through time its own way, in a way that no man has the power to whk. This is what Back to the Future might have been had David Chronenberg directed it. The final gerrolv of the book is probably the most interesting: The Man Who Folded Himself has paradoxes in spades, and they are very cleverly thought out.


Daniel raises his son in s America. However, this makes the book read like a work of non-fiction. And rewriting it to suit me. It was so great, I think I have to read it again because the ending has a bit of a twist, that I’m sure I’ll gain a new perspective reading with the knowledge I now have.

Any other work would present time travel as an adventurous thing where the protagonist shows off his prowess and you get the feeling that ‘Wow,this is amazing’. I’m sure others who are more familiar with time-travel literature will find themes and situations they’ve already come across.

Dan, the narrator, talks about how time is not singular, and how “now” is just the cumulative effect of all the changes that have been made to the timeline, yet he also talks about alternate universes, where every change to the timeline results in a new universe, and Dan can never return to the same place he left.

Nov 17, Richard Derus rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I will be the variation of myself that pleases me the most. This is explained through a growing realization that Daniel is not foldded through time, but through different dimensions, and as such, all these versions of himself are not actually him, but rather different Daniels from different dimensions, each slightly removed from his own.