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Confessions of a Nanny by Melissa (4 outtakes). * Cooking With Fire by In love with a Crooked ( kB – downloaded Summary: Bella Swan accepts a job as a nanny for single father, Dr. Living under the same roof and Bella’s seduction plans, leads these two into a whirlwind of. Do you know of any fics that feature Edward or Bella as a Nanny? Share with us! Confessions of a Nanny by Melissa Bella Swan accepts.

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Suicidal Edward,Bella’s fear of committment, Alice addicted to shopping, Rosalie’s hostility, Emmett and Japer’s mwlissa228. None other than Bella Swan. What happens when their paths cross one day? She has her reasons. Things and people are not always what they seem.

Will they be enough for each other? Edward finds himself stumbling down a dark path trying to understand her.

Confessions of a Nanny by Melissa ~ Pulled/Published « TwiFanfictionRecs

Edward’s one girl short and begins his search for the next dancer. Resident Geek by cdunbar reviews Geeky Edward thinks he has absolutely no shot with the popular, beautiful Bella. Sell’s her child hood house, leaves her old friends behind and moves in with a new roommate He nanyn all of it behind to travel the world, only to find himself lost without Bella.


While others are simply happy if comfessions update includes a lemon. Breaking Bella by sixeightshuffle reviews Edward Cullen needs to pass Statistics. Tattoos with meaning, leather worn well- enjoy!

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He is second-in-command, cold and dangerous. Be My Master Head Master? Lust brings them together. When she meets Edward in the bar she frequents, will his help be enough to save her?

Turning Dust into Gold by bethaboo reviews After college, best friends Bella, Rosalie and Alice have a run-in with their past. Will Edward get over his promiscuous tendencies and realize his feelings for Bella?

Confessions of a Nanny

But do you know how long I’ve been waiting? Meyer, storyline belongs to me.

Alice 27; Fashion Designer. Gabriella Callahan added it Aug 30, Can she ever be more than a Groupie to him?

We do not care. Accepting the Manny position will change his life forever Characters belong to S. Is he right, or will she be one of the many girls who thinks geeks make for better lovers? The Resolution mdlissa228 coldplaywhore reviews Bella is coming out of her shell with the help of her two best friends, Rosalie and Alice. Edward is sick of meeting women that just want to sleep with him, and is looking for a serious relationship.


Bella makes an interesting first impression on Edward. And what is Edward’s secret? Once best friends, will they find more? Henry16 confessiona HereNoMore 0 jaxon22 0 jdbeaner 0 johnnyboy7 9 kharizzmatik 1 Kstewsthighs 0. Now she’s forced to move there and to meet the prince, Edward Cullen.

Hit By Destiny by ocdmess s Bella wants to die, and almost gets her wish fulfilled when she gets hit by a shiny Volvo.