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“[Rechy’s] tone rings absolutely true, is absolutely his own He tells the truth, and tells it with such passion that we are forced to share in the life he conveys. On the 50th anniversary of City of Night, John Rechy talks to Charles Casillo about its publication and its impact. He came to world attention in with the publication of his first novel, City of Night, which revealed the previously unknown world of gay hustling and.

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Don’t have a Kindle? It was an awakening that set him on the journey that would lead to City of Night. The city of night of the soul. I think that focused identification on the narrator-as-hustler has unfairly extended at the expense of viewing me as a writer.

The largely passive narrator acts as a device for hearing out the stories of various characters from this furtive sexual underworld, a few of which are incredibly poignant; but there are longueurs too across the many months and miles, and any resolution Bits of this book are certainly 4-star, a few chapters may even merit 5, but the overall journey through the nocturnal world of s America’s gay hustling scene, over almost pages of small print, was just a little too arduous for my liking.

He tells the truth, and tells it with such passion that we are forced to share in the life he conveys. There is a particular scene in the book that stays with me still.

Praise for City of Night: Rechy’s prose works well when it’s sparse but all too often it veers int At its best when it is nightmarish, John Rechy’s classic account of hustling in the occluded world of homosexuality in mid-century America makes rschy compelling case that sexual identity is nigyt spectrum rather than points on a plane.


Czech edition of City of Night. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. He tells the truth, and tells it with such passion that we are forced to share in the life he conveys.

City of Night was distinctly a Beat novel, rangy and full of bold riffs as a Charlie Parker album. At 7 on the bestseller list, this novel was a ground breaker in gay fiction. Many literati of the day were appalled. The Mardi Gras scenes are also genuinely Boschian and more than repaid the effort of getting through some of the talkier chapters.

It’s a thinly-veiled roman a clef about the author’s life as a rough-trade hustler in the gay scenes of several major US cities I read this book because it was recommended posthumously, in a long-ago interview by David Bowie. Male hustlers, drag queens, and johns, all creating artificial outer personas — carefully polished veneers — to camouflage and protect inner selves that are too vulnerable to expose to a harsh, judgmental world that would inevitably crush them.

City of Night by John Rechy

To the protagonist, the end of youth is a kind of death. By Min Hyoung Song. By submitting this form, you are granting: Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.

No, not everyone starts gay with guilt, but many do, and this offers one search for the truth, gay is not bad. It also seemed really repetitive, and I’m sort of doubting wh This was a really hard book to get through, and I really struggled with it. Occasionally the narrator’s johhn felt a bit overcooked, but I loved the fo for the same reason I didn’t like the description. I actually finished this book months ago, but I never rated it because I wanted to write a comprehensive review and now it was so long ago that all i can say: For a young gay man, and occasional trick turner, it was a book that spoke to my experience in a world that did not want me to be.


City of Night follows an unnamed hustler as he bounces through the queer underworlds of America’s so-called “cities of What a massive, sprawling, and exhausting in the best possible way novel.


Things culminate for him at Mardi Gras in New Orleans, with a moment of clarity arriving in the midst of the debauchery alluded to. In the pages of his first novel, Rechy gives the impression he was writing at white heat in a slangy stream of consciousness. Start reading City of Night on your Kindle in under a minute. Someone’s going to make a movie uohn of this one day.

Yet, I feel more comfortable with olives than I do with my fellow human beings whose sexual orientation is different from mine. You’ll then be redirected back to LARB. Aug 03, Abby rated it really liked it Shelves: The grinding streets awaited me. It can change entire meanings of phrases and sentences. It is a journey by a nameless narrator, through this clandestine world of furtive love. City of Night was ranked number 22 on a list of the best gay and lesbian novels compiled by The Publishing Triangle in Gay vernacular has remained surprisingly unchanged in the 50 years since.


The Sexual Outlaw, Our hero pertains to be a “top” and there are scenes he will not engage in.