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Chika Onyeani is the author of Capitalist Nigger ( avg rating, 99 ratings, 23 reviews, published Chika Onyeani’s Followers (11) Chika Onyeani’s books. Chika Onyeani Biography – – Chika Onyeani Biography and List of Works – Chika Onyeani Chika Onyeani Is the author of books such as Capitalist Nigger. Read “Capitalist Nigger: The Road To Success”, by Chika Onyeani online on Bookmate – Capitalist Nigger is an The book asserts that the Negroid race,.

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Those who dare to rise above mediocrity and beyond the use of racism as an excuse for their failures are those who will survive in this world.

We beg for everything. It’s getting us nowhere. What they have shown is that it is essential to invest in your own community, to develop skills and expertise, support and build one another and thus grow the community. Please register or log in to comment.

No group can survive when all their needs are met by others. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Africans have to learn from others, even those they regard as onyeano enemy, the strategies of economic empowerment. Today, Africa is worse off than when it gained cbika from the former colonial masters. The Black Race depends on other communities for its culture, its language, its feeding, and its clothing.

Retrieved from ” https: I am tired of hearing Blacks always blaming others for their lack of progress in this world; I am tired of the whining and victim-mentality.

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It is the survival of chkka fittest. It has great resources but outsiders develop these and Africans have become consumers of their own resources rather than producers.


It’s true menu and provision for a wanderer and travel in this zig-zag, meandering life-journey. There is no ongeani of discriminating the book just read, understand then do something about it.

We whine and whine about how the Europeans looted our natural resources. The so-called political independence we think we have now is merely an illusion.

This is what Gay people did when they appropriated the term Queer. Blacks are described as whiners, passive, economically illiterate, intellectually onheani and materialistic. Enter your username or email address and we’ll send you reset instructions Username or Email: You have to admire the courage of the small group of diabolical individuals who set out to invade Africa and take our people as slaves. Capitalist Nigger asserts that the Black Race is a consumer race and not a productive one.

Remember me Forgotten password? The author is sad that Black actors continue to clamor to play the role of James Bond without success, hence he decided to write “The Broederbond Conspiracy” to fulfill the aspirations of Blacks to play the James Bond role.

In South Africa, we can begin by learning from the Afrikaners. All boois with dead external links Articles with dead external links from October Pages to import images to Wikidata. We’ve become economic slaves in Western society. True their progress was at the expense of Black people but that is not the focus here. Though it resulted in millions of my people being taken as slaves to the New World, America, I can still duff my hat to a small group of individuals who had the tenacity to cross the Atlantic Ocean to open America to the world.

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Chika Onyeani Books – Biography and List of Works – Author of ‘Capitalist Nigger’

We want to be spoon-fed with every damned product. A sought-after speaker, Onyeani has been quoted, interviewed and written up by practically every major medium. We believe if we continue to cry racism and oppression, the oppressors will change, feel empathy for us and give us what we want.


Go and get it! But that is not the reality of the world in which we live. In most African countries, there is no good drinking water, no good roads, no electricity, no onyeanu health care.

Onyeani believes that Africans should adopt the strategies of white people; learn from them in the same way as the Japanese, Chinese and Indians have.

Capitalist Nigger: The Road To Success

The article noted that “Onyeani has no qualms about degrading not just an entire group of people but himself as well. As a result, African countries are unable to produce the scientific and technological needs of their countries. He could’ve advocate another system but let’s keep it real, we don’t have power to change anything and people who have the power will never change because they are doing just fine, a book advocating another system would be utterly useless, balck people need to grow in the global capitalist system, be the top dogs and then change the system for whatever they onyexni to change.

They are not willing to make sacrifices and work hard. HardcoverPaperbackAudiobook. All book excerpts remain copyright their authors. Adapt until you inherit.

Yes, they did, so what?