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fastest supercharged C7s, C7 Z06s, C6s and IRS C5 all run ProChargers. around the world specializing in installing and fine-tuning the supercharger system. C7 Forced Induction/Nitrous – Looking for C7 Procharger install – Hello again, I’ve got a c7 z51 that I’m looking to put a Procharger on. release of the + C7 Corvette ProCharger Supercharger System. So here we go the easiest Corvette supercharger system install we have ever offered.

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When Chevy designed the C7, their intentions were to evolve the C6 into a vehicle that had performance capabilities that far exceeded the cost of the car. We promise not to use your email address for anything but exclusive updates from the Power Automedia Network. The radiator is attached using zip ties so that it can be moved around inside the engine bay without needing to remove it and drain the cooling system.

The goal of this build was to achieve HP initially, with the custom tailored package our Performance Team put together for the owner we were able to make Wheel Horse Power, which easily exceeds the benchmarked goal of power at the crank! It was very simple and only took about an hour. ProCharger has your Supercharger!

No matter what options your C7 has, ProCharger has a kit with options that will meet your needs.

Procharger F1A C7 Z06 HP Built at Redline Speed Worx (RSW) – Redline Speed Worx

For those who are fortunate enough to take delivery of a C7 this year, procharget question becomes whether to mod the vehicle or not. Starting from GM engine CAD models, ProCharger created a one-piece billet design utilizing existing, robust mounting points on the LT-1 motor for maximum holding force.


Quote message prochadger reply? Next step will be to add a complete methanol injection system and see if we can put this Corvette over the 1, HP mark! Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

With this in mind, an additional goal of this install was to procgarger how much drivability and reliability was able to be retained. We are a procharter in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.

The spec list reads a bit more like something you would assign to a vehicle that existed merely in your imagination, but no, this can be bought and driven away from almost any Chevrolet dealer if you have approximately 90k burning a hole in your pocket. After reinstalling the front bumper, wheel well splash guards, headlights, side markers, wheels insyallation tires, and various covers, the physical work of the installation is complete.

Looking for C7 Procharger install

You would not know it had a mod until you floored it. While we were initially worried about drivability prior to the install, we were happy to see that the vehicle can still be driven exactly like it was in stock form with excellent road manners.

Intercooler System GM spent a great deal of time on the airflow design of this new C7, from the front fascia to the inlets for the coolers on the rear fenders.

Babe Of The Month: I had prochagger heard of it before.

Bolt-On Power: Corvette C7 ProCharger Install

Click below to read more about these supercharger kits: G25 Turbos Designed for 1. As for timing, the timing is about the same as a similarly boosted LS3. On the same fuel at peak boost, an LS3 car with the same boost would be right around We contacted Procharger for our supercharging needs for similar reasons, they are the prochharger leader when it comes to centrifugal style aftermarket superchargers.


Find More Posts by Hawkbarr. Build your own iinstallation newsletter with the content you love from Dragzine, directly to your inbox, absolutely FREE! What we were even more happy to see and feelwere the great power gains accomplished by the ProCharger kit that provides power on demand.

Thanked 5 Times in 5 Posts. Originally Posted by robert miller. When we asked Ryne what impact this has on the performance of the kit, he instalaltion Due to timing, we had to run the comparison on a separate day procharfer the original dyno runs, which unfortunately was hotter.

Once the Procharged Supercharger System and the Internal Engine Upgrades were complete, it was time for our Team to turn their attention to the Z06 exhaust system.

I don’t want to be the guinea pig lol. We think you lrocharger like With the ProCharger system fully installed, it was time to test the results of all the hard work. With the hood open and bumper removed, Ryne’s shop removed the entire factory air inlet system, PCV hose, MAF harness, wheel liners, and brake cooling duct bolts in preparation to lower the radiator.