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Terence Rattigan’s The Browning Version is a one-act play about an unpopular schoolmaster who, faced with the collapse of his career and marriage, snatches. The Browning Version – A Play in One Act has ratings and 22 reviews. Yngvild said: Although The Browning Version is a classic on stage and film, part. Retiring teacher Andrew Crocker-Harris is also on the verge of divorce.

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The Browning Version takes a realistic approach to the teacher-student relationship explored in books like ‘Good-Bye, Mr.

Views Read Edit View history. The core of the raftigan is a standard love-triangle, where the cuckolded husband has his consolation prize of the love of one of his pupils snatched from him by his spiteful wife. The play is shorter and more condensed than the film, set in one room and performed in one act. The film version was excellent, but I preferred the taut scenes in the play which concluded at browninh moment of Crocker-Harris’ transformation.

He was one of England’s most popular mid twentieth century dramatists. All rights whatsoever in this play are strictly reserved and application for performance etc.

The Browning Version

Works by Terence Rattigan. Nov 12, Peter Jakobsen rated it really liked it. No performance may be given unless a licence has been obtained. A one act that ties up so neatly and precisely it puts a smile on your face. This has long been one of my favourites so I was delighted when the BBC revived it as part of their Rattigan season to mark the th anniversary of the author’s birth.

The Browning Version – Drama Online

But then, at the bottom of the slope, Crocker-Harris turns and Rattigan shows us something else. So yeah ‘The Browning Version’ is vetsion reading as it will compel you to think a loooottttttt and along with that, it will introduce you to a new perspective to see various aspects of life!

I loved the film with Albert Finney and wanted to read the original play that it was based on. The Audible version is well performed and a joy to bowning to. Shortchanged both personally by a wife who openly cheats on him, and professionally by the headmaster who denies his pension and even by his pupils who mockingly refer to him as the ‘Crock’ and the ‘Himmler of the rattigqn fifth’, his redemption in the end, triggered through a small brownimg by a pupil was both realistic and satisfying.


This is a wonderful play by a British writer who is practically forgotten about. Open Preview See a Problem? Trivia About The Browning Vers In the end, Frank tries to persuade Andrew to leave Millie but fails and so he tried to make Harris realize that there’s more to him that he is not realising.

Works by Terence Rattigan.

He pities the man, somehow clued into his demise as a classical scholar. All wives in 20th century literature are spiteful. A troubled homosexual, who saw himself as an outsider, his plays “confronted issues of sexual frustration, failed relationships and adultery”, and a world of repression and reticence. The lines from the play that everybody quotes come gerence the schoolmaster briefly meets his rattigann replacement.

I caught hold of this play because a part of it was in our course and after reading browninh part I wasn’t quite satisfied. Heart-rending stuff and brilliant. Male 5Female 2Neutral 0. After all, the impression he gives is that of only mild surprise at being referred to as ‘the Himmler of the lower fifth’.

From the beginning he was unsure of their affair cersion he didn’t make an attempt to end it before or rather he did but it was overlooked rttigan Millie. To the students, he is known as “the Hitler of the lower 5th”; to his wife, he is “a wimp”; and to the school administration, he is seen as replaceable. I prefer The Deep Blue Sea to this but it’s still a great play. But we also want our students to be able to read the texts themselves, to be able arrive at those valuable scholarly conclusions because they have interpreted the texts appropriately, not simply blindly consumed by the implicit conclusions embedded in fluffy translations a la Alexander Pope.

Millie Crocker-Harris, his wife, is younger and vivacious and quite different from her husband.

BBC Radio 4 Extra – Terence Rattigan – The Browning Version

I like the character of Andrew and Frank a lot. Even the school administrators treat him poorly regardless of his long tenure. John rartigan it liked it Jun 27, Of course, since the Agamemnon informs much of the play, there can be no redemption for Crocker-Harris. Jan 28, Karen S rated it really liked it.

This is particularly the case with hungry minds once vital, stultified by the hard, rigid roles we’re bestowed in the professional world — those morphed into seemingly unexplainable models not of virtue exactly, but of virtue’s amalgamation with concessions to obligation.


Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Manchester University Press — via Google Books. It is what makes his plays so enjoyable. Though only a one-act play, The Browning Version is a well-crafted and complete psychological study, indicative of his future direction as a playwright.

Terence Rattigan – The Browning Version

My curiosity only grew. Andrew Crocker-Harris is driven out of his teaching post at an English public school by health issues, and is to be faced with a lower-paying post, but not before having “found a substitute for popularity. He is an unpopular teacher known for his strict discipline and stern lack of humour, and his younger wife Millie, embittered by his lack of passion and ambition, is having an affair with another teacher, Frank Hunter.

The film was shot at Pinewood Studios in and generally released in April, For an old man like Crocker-Harris, who gathers more and more tidbits of almost immobilizing heartbreak throughout the plot, both professional and personal, and for whom the sole solace is literature, like “Agamemnon” of which at the end he receives “The Browning Version”power lies in self-effacement — the impossible task of just getting through another day without the help of any bulwarks of stability.

We even learn why the play is so short: This page was last edited on 9 Augustat EngvarB from September Use dmy dates from September All articles with self-published sources Articles with self-published sources from December Rattigan and Asquith encountered a lack of enthusiasm from producers to turn the play into a film until they met Earl St John at Rank. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

If you’re feeling adventurous, take a stab at the modern Clytemnestra and see her kill her husband with a word. I first need to convince my students, hopefully already sympathetic to my case, that we need folks in our world who can read and interpret ancient texts.