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Break. Ossa rotte: Hannah Moskowitz: Books – Break has ratings and reviews. Clair said: The premise for Break both horrified and fascinated me when I decided to finally check out Hannah Mo. Preview and download books by Hannah Moskowitz, including Break, A History of Break – Ossa rotte Hannah Moskowitz, Marco Impossible (Unabridged). 1.

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Or that he’d be thrown into isolation so easily. To put it bluntly, I just fucking love her goddamn books, man.

Break. Ossa rotte

Hannah Moskowitz manages to find that mlskowitz between excessive and minimal description and dialogue which made for a quick read. There’s this part where Jonah is in the psychiatrist’s office.

His relationship with his brother, Jesse, is heartfelt and strong. I’m a seventeen-year-old writing girl who doesn’t swear and is absolutely too terrified to get in any likely-bone-breaking situations Nevertheless, I found him tremendously sympathetic and compelling.

Break is a very emotional story about how the stresses of everyday life can push people nearly to their breaking point.

Since this book is set in America, Jonah’s really accomplishing nothing but putting his parents in medical debt by voluntarily breaking his bones like this. I fully intend to read HM’s books and bask in her bitch-fuckery.

Hannah Moskowitz

I was most worried about the little brother though, and felt my focus shift to him and not the MC. Or that they could be so blind to the fact that their other son was regularly doing himself serious damage.

Moskowitz did an outstanding job of creating that are relatable, they have problems, feelings, and circumstances that are are not only associated with teens, but adults as well. The mentions of the physical pain are pretty sparse.


Although, I can kind of see why Jonah would think it made sense. I had trouble accepting that they moskoitz be so very bad at looking after Jesse and dealing with his allergies. If you want a book that will break you, put you together again, and make you feel, pick up Break.

Break. Ossa rotte : Hannah Moskowitz :

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. You buckle your seat-belt, you take hannay supplements, look both was before you cross the street.

But when the people who care about him find out his injuries are self-inflicted, Jonah has to face the repercussions of Moskowitz is a talented young writer who effectively conveys teenage angst in a confident voice. He works, has a girlfriend-not-girlfriend and has a best friend who encourages his bone-breaking behaviour.

And his buddy Naomi is there to record it. He’s whiny and annoying, sure, but you’re still invested in why he’s so gannah that he must break his bones in order to escape his hectic family and interpersonal life. He has one brother who is allergic to everything, a baby brother who doesn’t stop crying literallyparents who seem to be hanging on by a string, and friends who have no idea why he is doing wha This book knocked my socks off. The skateboarding ‘accident’ to him throwing himself into a 14 foot deep pool that had been drained to smashing 8 of his toes with a hammer Nov 24, Megan rated it liked it.

Sure, it’s a cry for attention, but it’s a rather financially draining way of going about it.

Hannah Moskowitz on Apple Books

Books by Hannah Moskowitz. I greatly look forward to more novels from Moskowitz.

And he feels that breaking bones makes them only stronger, so if he broke every bone in his body, he would be stronger not just physically but also in every way for his family. The night before, he explained his interest in Confucianism more specifically, how it relates to the family unit to his friends, who seemed to all agree with him. I know Hannah has said she’s never really considered writing a sequal to any of her books correction only recently the exception of possibly a retelling breal IS from a diff.


Jan 31, Anna Bananas! Feb 14, Jennifer Sommersby rated it it was amazing.

Jonah’s constant fracturing of his bones just doesn’t make any sense to me. An immersive experience that teens will really respond to, this novel is appropriate for year olds. She lives in Maryland with several cats, none of whom are violent. The ending is really abrupt, so maybe that’s where my issue lies.

Since Jesse is obviously so important to him, I just can’t see him leaving without putting up a osda fight.

Jonah’s not moskowita the worst protagonist I’ve ever read. This review is also available on my blog: Dearest Brwak, if you by chance ever come across this, I know i’m two years late but please hear my plea give us ME more!

The pace of the story is fast and intense. Jesse is just as easy to love, and he is so, so real. A quick read, a good read, from a truly unique writer. This a book about family.