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The BenQ W is ISF certified for optimum colour performance in both Day and Night modes. So it easily adapts to any room’s ambient light levels as well as . disconnect it from the power point and call BenQ to have the projector repaired. This projector is capable of displaying inverted images for ceiling mount. BenQ W Projector Specifications. Posted on February 24, By Art Feierman. Click Here! BenQ W Specs. Projector Model, W Technology .

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The provided remote control is a small white affair but it’s comfortable to hold and easy to use. The Desolation of Smaug and the BenQ did a great job of delivering all the deep positive parallax within the film, giving the appearance of looking through a window into Middle Earth.

BenQ Projectors: BenQ W DLP projector

Take your time when setting up the picture; use a THX Optimizer disc for the best results. In terms of aspect ratio, if the majority of your viewing content is high definition then choose Real, which is BenQ’s name for their pixel mapping mode.

You want this Total 1. Unlike many of BenQ’s other projectors, the W even includes a frame interpolation feature. As we’d expect from a DLP projector, the motion handling was great and the 3D images were completely free of crosstalk. The W is a fairly compact projector, and light enough to be moved venq.

Finally there is a Colour Management System CMS with control over the Hue tintSaturation colour and Gain luminance or brightness of all three primary colours and all three secondary colours. In fact we’ve seen quite a few BenQ projectors beq through our doors over the past couple of months and overall they’ve been consistently good. Overall it was an impressive performance for a budget bneq. You own this Total 5. The images are always bright and contain plenty of detail, whilst the motion handling is superb, never smearing on camera pans or fast movement.


Conversely, the blacks and shadow detail are mediocre meaning that the BenQ wouldn’t be ideal for a very dark room. Do you already have an account?

The colour management system CMS wasn’t quite as effective and we were unable to correct the errors in blue but this wasn’t apparent in actual viewing material. So unsurprisingly the W was impressive, producing big 3D images that were both detailed and, most importantly, bright.

Analogue sources are well catered for, too, with component, composite, S-Video and PC inputs.

The gamma was tracking very accurately around our target of 2. What is the BenQ W?

BenQ W1400 Projector

Design and Connections BenQ tend to use one of two basic chassis designs for their projectors and the W utilises the more rectangular one which, thanks to economies of scale, is actually quite well assembled. The detail definition and clearness of the picture takes the expected hit when it comes to playing DVDs, with Kill Bill Vol.

Whilst the breadth of the range might seem overwhelming at times, with many of the models being difficult to distinguish, they’re all intended for a specific purpose and frequently incorporate features not often found at the lower end of the price scale. The zoom and focus controls use rings at the front of lens assembly, whilst the shift control sits under a small panel just behind the other lens controls.

Since this is a BenQ projector, the W is a single chip DLP model with a colour wheel, so it’s probably not ideal for those who suffer from rainbows.


As a result there were no distracting artefacts or other issues to detract from the performance and thanks to the large projected image, it was a highly immersive experience. Whilst it correctly detected 3: The black levels could have been better and shadow detail has never been a strong point of DLP technology, but overall the W produced a very pleasing image.

Then we moved on to The Hobbit: We began by testing the BenQ with our recently arrived Blu-ray of Frozen which, excessive singing aside, proved to be a dazzling 3D experience. Alfonso Cuaron’s flowing minute single takes in Gravity were very well produced thanks to the impressive motion handling, as was Peter Jackson’s constantly roaming camera in The Hobbit: There are features such as the Clarity Control that adjusts noise reduction, Brilliant Colour that increases the colour luminance and a control for setting the Black Level.

Whilst single-chip DLP won’t be for everyone due to the rainbow artefacts that the colour wheel can produce, if they don’t affect you then the W represents a tempting combination of performance and value.

The graph above right shows the colour performance which was reasonable but clearly being affected by the errors in the greyscale. The overall look is rather attractive and the build quality is robust, although the large air vents do result in some light spill, which will be more apparent in a very dark room.

Write your BenQ W Projector review. However if that isn’t an issue for you, then there’s a lot to like about the W