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BESṬĀMĪ (Basṭāmī), BĀYAZĪD (Abū Yazīd Ṭayfūr b. ʿĪsā b. Sorūšān; d. / or /), early Muslim mystic of Iran. A descendant of a Zoroastrian family . Bayazid Bastami, a Persian Sufi of the ninth century, was among one of the greatest Sufis of all time. His father was a Zoroastrian and had high position in. Bayazid Bastami Before Al-Bistami, Sufism was mainly based on piety and obedience. He played a major role in placing the concept of divine love at the core of.

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Also, one local legend says that Bastami did visit Chattagong, which might explain the belief of the locals in Chittagong. Views Read Edit View history. I had a dream that I was carrying the universe on my shoulder. This religious leader article is a stub.

I put my nafs and ego in the stove of discipline, and prepare it with the fire of striving, mold it on the platform of remorse, hammer it with regret until my nafs became my mirror.


Bayazid Bastami

Do not make me to destroy Bastam and Bayazid altogether. When Bayazid died, he was over seventy years old. Bayazid was the son of Tayfur.

Offer Me what I do not have. If you enter several tags, separate with commas. It takes more than two hundred years until bstami flower such as I grows in the garden of the universe. One night my mother woke up and asked me for a glass of water.

As soon as this thought came to my mind, I packed up and went to Khorasan.

Bayazid Bastami’s shrine in ChittagongBangladesh. Your have accepted me. Historical evidence for his life is sparse.

Encyclopædia Iranica

Bastami’s predecessor Dhul-Nun al-Misri d. When I came back my mother was sleep. July Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Meier, Wiesbaden,pp. Historical Dictionary of Islam.

Bayazid Bastami – Wikidata

A prayer remained from Bayazid: Shrine of Bayazid Bostami. Nicholson in and M. Quoted in James Fadiman and Robert Frager, eds. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Notable early Notable modern Singers.


He welcomed people into his house to discuss Islam. Like his father and uncles, Bayazid led a life of asceticism and renounced all worldly pleasures in order to be one with Allah The Exalted.

BESṬĀMĪ, BĀYAZĪD – Encyclopaedia Iranica

I offer You my need, my longing and my broken heart. I lost my senses.

The image was so bright that the light of the sun looked like a pale image compared to this illumination. When he arrived Mecca, again he performed many prayers. Privacy Policy Add Comment. Food bastaji said to have appeared before him whenever he desired it p.

bsyazid Bayazid used to repeat: Topic select a topic Quotes [ edit ] The thing we tell of can never be found by seeking, yet only seekers find it.