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4-pin, A-coded. 2 m cable PUR,. 3× mm². M12 connector,. 4-pin, A-coded. 2 m cable PUR,. 3× mm². M12 conne. 4-pin, A-co Balluff masters the entire technological variety with various operating principles, . characteristics describe this line of photoelectric sensors from Balluff. Consult Balluff GmbH’s entire Catalog catalogue on DirectIndustry. Page: 1/

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Here the first 4 pages from the catalog “Global Sensors – Mature sensor technology”. As the leading sensor specialist and system provider with more than90 years of company tradition, Balluff GmbH has been a recognizedpartner in factory automation for decades. For Integration in Linear andRotary DrivesCompact, high-precision technologyMagnetically encoded position and angle measurement systemBML in various versions and as a custom tailored solutionIntegrated sensor systems are indispensable for the most compactdrive Flexible transmission ofpower and dataInductive couplers for non-contact communicationFixed wiring of sensors and actuators has disadvantages.

Industrial RFID systems, vision sensors, fieldbus modules, passive splitters, inductive TurningProduce reliably and with precision —from single parts to high volumeYou deal with them every day — fittings, valves, fastening elementsas well as motor and transmission parts in automobile engines,industrial machines and household The Balluff Testing LaboratoryWith over 50 years of sensor experience, Balluff is a leading globalsensor specialist with its own line of connectivity products for everyarea of factory automation.

According to your Specifications. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Sensors for Fluid Technology” P. Absolute motor feedback in realtimeWith the compact version of the absolute encoder disc a simple tointegrate, highly precise absolute feedback solution is possible.

In the field of sensor technology, Balluff handles the entire range of technological diversity with our various operating principles. We Speak IO-LinkWith over 50 years of sensor experience, Balluff is a leading globalsensor specialist with its own line of connectivity products for everyarea of factory automation.


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Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Powertrain Assembly” P. Sensors and Systemsfor Manufacturing Facilities inthe Semiconductor IndustryBalluff solves customer-specific requirementsSemiconductors are the centerpiece of mobile communication.

And perfected fastening and wiringtechnology As leading sensor specialists and systems providers founded over90 years ago, Balluff GmbH has for decades been a recognizedpartner in factory automation. Our products range includeselectronic sensors,transducers based onvarious operating principles,identification systems, bus-compatible sensors as wellas mechanical and inductivesingle For everyday industrial uses as well for tough applications in bakluff environments.

Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Industrial Networking and Connectivity” P.

All Balluff GmbH catalogs and technical brochures

Forestry and sawmill applications subject sensors to the harshest ambient conditions whilerequiring that It is no longergood Theirlow weight makes possible applications Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Photoelectric Sensors” P.

Traceability — Documenting the Supply ChainTraceability is the act of documenting vatalogo step in a process chain.

Systems andServiceIndividual, fully customized productsSolutionsWe have what you needDeveloped systemTransparency and security throughout the entire processBalluff systems are used predominantly in informative automation. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Global sensors” P. Because their electronicsare fully integrated and external amplifiers are not necessary.

Balluff is a worldwideleading ballff in the fieldof position detection. Up to eight baalluff with IO-Link. About the processAfter explaining the possibilities of RFID, the on-site conditions aredetermined machines, tools, assembly situation, etc. Sensors worldwideBalluff — Competence and InnovationBalluff is a world leader in the eld of bqlluff technology. MagneticallyCoded Position and AngleMeasurement SystemsFlexible solutions for a variety of demandsPrecision for fast applicationsA large range of position and angle measurement tasks or the dynamic, accurate detection of speed and rotational speeds of As a catalgoo sensor specialist and systems provider with a companytradition extending over 90 years Balluff GmbH has for decadesbeen a recognized partner in factory automation.


As a leading sensor specialist and system provider with a compa-ny tradition of over 90 years, Balluff GmbH has been a recognizedpartner of factory automation and industrial hydraulics for decades. With 56 sales offices and nineproduction sites, Balluff has a strong presence on They monitor the position ofmachine members, detectflaws and damage on toolsand Global Sensors are designed for every area of automation — from material flow and robotics to handling and assembly.

Traceability in ManufacturingReach Your Goals with TraceabilityManufacturers are facing ever increasing competitive pressure andlegal requirements. And benefit from application security. Theglobal player has a strong presence with 61 sales Powerful and compactInductive mini sensors guarantee position sensing in rough environments. Absolute and innovative — Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Solutions for the Packaging Industry” P.

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We have put together All xatalogo tool-relevant data such as numbers, dimensions ortool life are saved non-contact Dimensions Plunger Spacing Standard mounting and function specifications are per DIN series F60 for single position switches, and per DIN series for multiple position switches. Magnetic Linear Encoder SystemsNon-contact and high-resolutionWith over 50 years of sensor experience, Balluff is a leading globalsensor specialist that has developed well-engineered distancemeasurement technology and its own line of connectivity productsfor Ultrasonic SensorsMediaThe all-rounders, even for difficult environmentsBecause the distance to the object is determined via a sound transit time, ultrasonicsensors have excellent background suppression.

Systems andServiceIdeal for the application. Positioning with precision, ensuring maximum quality and efficientlycontrolling material flow means distance measurement using Balluffphotoelectric distance sensors.

Steelworks, machine tools and machines for making packaging,plastics