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This documentation also bases on the original Bacula documentation, it is but if you use a program like BackupPC, it can create hundreds of thousands. Check the permissions on /usr/share/webapps/backuppc/r1/hostroot/cgi-bin //BackupPC_Admin and look at the documentation. + Dur/mins. +. +\$ArchiveStr. +. +. +EOF. + . $Lang{BackupPC__Documentation} = “BackupServer: Dokumentation”;.

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This parameter sets the age of the partial full in days: Manually requested backups via the CGI interface will be ignored.

An incremental backup backs up all the files that have changed since the last backup. You need to decide where to put the data backupc, below which all the BackupPC data is stored. Hardlinks are used so that identical files all refer to the same physical file on the server’s disk. FTP is a standard module.

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Name to use as the “from” name for email. Always Incremental Job Retention. Even if the file is identical, prior to 2.

Otherwise, just the hosts for which the user is listed in the host file as either the user or in moreUsers are displayed. A value of 0 turns off compression. For example, if c: If it looks cryptic and confusing, and doesn’t look like an error message, then all is ok.


Other users have reported success with removable disks to rotate the BackupPC data drives, or using rsync to mirror the BackupPC data pool offsite. Two popular open source packages that do tape backup are Amanda http: Allow all commands special keyword.

Personal Backup

The user name and password are stored on the client in whatever file the “secrets file” parameter in rsyncd. Yesterday’s log file output. List of directories or files to backup.

View unanswered posts View posts from last 24 hours. Note that the archive numbers are not related to the backup or restore number. All except unix-domain sockets are supported by BackupPC there’s no point in backing up or restoring unix-domain sockets since they only have meaning after a process creates them.

The README file contains instructions for running rsync as a service, so it starts automatically everytime you boot your machine. These settings are useful for a client that is no longer being backed up eg: This file can be used to override settings just for a particular PC. Any standard linux or unix file system supports hardlinks.


Bareos ® Backup Archiving REcovery Open Sourced Main Reference

One alternative is to set dhcp to 1 in the hosts file, and BackupPC will search a pool of IP addresses looking for hosts. Bareos CLI tools bcopy, bextract, bls, bregex, bwild. Output from smbclient, tar or rsync during restore nnn. BackupPC pools identical files using hardlinks. By selecting a host in the CGI interface, a list of all the backups for that machine will be displayed.

There are two common versions of ssh: Generally use of SourceForge has been deprecated in favor of Github. Everything email bodies, attachments, calendar, contact lists is stored in a single file, which often becomes huge. Note that distributions may choose to use different locations for BackupPC files than these defaults. The -h, -n and -s options specify which dump is used to generate the zip archive. Giuseppe Iuculano and Vittorio Macchi updated it for 3.