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The Audiolab Q is an audiophile standard Pre-Amplifier with quality of components and build quality never before seen ona unit of this price. In stark contrast, the Audiolab Q pre amplifier and Audiolab P power amplifier were designed by Audiolab utilising years of. Bought a audiolab combo q+p at € + to replace my burnt out Musical Fidelity A2 after a lot of auditioning and comparing (see similar products) in.

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A special feature is the gain trim to scale the master volume taper to the source output voltage and speaker sensitivity. I used to prattle on about black being so 80s. Nicely laid out, the Audiolab Q features all components except the toroidal transformer located on just one high-quality fibreglass PCB.

This review first appeared in the October issue of fairaudio. And to fail brevity’s wit.

Job done, all small power supply capacitors replaced. Something vital was missing.

Used Audiolab Q Control amplifiers for Sale |

The amplifier sounds clean and pure. Audiolwb in the treble did the audiolabs fail to light the very last candle but nothing turned nervous. In use, you’ll select a setting that opens the volume control a fair bit before things get really loud.


More vocal charm perhaps? The Audiolab Q is at the cutting edge of audiolba, all signals are switched with audiophile signal relays and the volume control is a motorised potentiometer The low impedance line amplifier is a miniature class A power amplifier with current mirror bias – ideal for use with long interconnects to multiple power amplifiers.

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Turntable.

Audiolab 8000Q Preamplifier Repair

Input, volume and muting can be set by remote control. The control unit detects DC offset, power supply issues etc. Hi Kyle, no problem and happy to continue the conversation here for now. I can also let you know how my fix goes. Now add a superbly coherent midrange. audiollab

Dimensions HxWxD in mm: No hidden cards anywhere, even the farthest members in the shadows played their decks openly on the table. The power amplifier takes this signal and provides the current needed to drive your speakers. It comes with the power lead, manual and the original box. Marantz amplifier for sale. Granted, the Druid didn’t turn. Send to a friend. You can see unpopulated spots of the board for input transformers for an MC phono pre, if fitted.


So I suffered fears. The depth perspective doesn’t show the typical semi circle with its dark corners but rolls out the far left and right behind the speakers to get audiiolab there by orchestral members. It’s back to listening, all else mere speculation.

Audiolab 8000Q Preamp

What this box can’t do on principle is true sub bass. Not the fastest and grandest under the sun but. A pre amplifier and power amplifier combo has always been something to aspire to in hi-fi.

There are 6 line inputs and 3 tape outputs. On Lutoslawksi’s Chain 2the violin suddenly fiddles in the speaker’s shadow right behind it. Feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts!