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AS 1— Australian Standard ® Formwork for concrete. Part 1: Documentation and surface finish. A S 3 6 1 0. 1 — 2 0 1 0. A c c e s s e d b y. C U R T. Formwork includes the forms on or within which the concrete is poured and the frames .. Formwork should comply with AS Formwork. This paper discusses the relevance of a revised draft of Australian Standard AS Formwork for Concrete to the New Zealand situation. Although.

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Where appropriate, eccentricity of members in tension shall also be considered. Readings shall be taken along the length of the walls at not more than 5 m centres. Where the whole formwork assembly is composed of members of different materials, a combination of the methods described in Clause 4.

For the purpose of this evaluation the test panel shall be placed alongside the completed work and both shall be viewed from a distance which is not less than the greater of 2 m or the closest distance from which the subject area will fformwork be viewed when the project is completed. The visual grading of timber shall be made in accordance with the requirements of the following Standards: Equation 8 of Table 4.

The objective of this Standard ad to provide formwork architects; engineers; builders and construction contractors; and formwork designers, suppliers and contractors dormwork requirements for the documentation, fabrication, erection and stripping of formwork, as well as for the assessment and evaluation of completed surface quality and repairs.

Permissible stress procedures, in accordance with the appropriate material structural design code and Clause 4. If the class is not specified in the project documentation, the quality of the off-form surface is not required to be superior to Class 3.


Colour control shall be evaluated before any surface treatment is carried out. These specified requirements may include physical quality and colour. Refer to Figure 5. A detailed description of forrmwork component or assembly being tested.


Other than for those cases where strain movement of the permanent concrete work is anticipated, the deviations shall be measured on the surface of the concrete after removal of any forms or supports and before any surface fodmwork. Any limitations on the magnitude and locations of stacked materials and minimum concrete strength to be achieved prior to the stacking of materials.

Some Sections of the Standard are also applicable to precast concrete, cor particular some aspects of Sections 3 and 5.

Standards may also be withdrawn.

confrete Australian Standards Australian Standards are prepared by committees of experts from industry, governments, consumers and other relevant sectors. Contact us via email at mail standards. This Item refers to anchors which have been installed in the concrete after it has set, e.

This is a licensed electronic copy cincrete a publication where SAI Global Limited owns the copyright or is an authorised distributor of the publication. SIA Specify If Applicable—these are mandatory where the particular feature is included in the project documentation. Except for small areas as stated in Table 3. In the case of vertical struts, this distance will usually be the distance from the base plate to the underside of the bearer. Anchors This Standard does not make recommendations relating to anchors into concrete or masonry.

Additional copies of these formwogk are available as Confrete Supp 1, Formwork for concrete—Blowhole and colour evaluation charts Supplement to AS — It shall not result in progressive collapse. The magnitude of the testing load or loads shall be determined in accordance with Paragraph A5.

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The objective of this Standard is to set out requirements for the design, fabrication, erection and stripping of formwork as well as evaluation of the form ed concrete surface.

This is consistent with the intention of Table 3. We share information about your activities on the site with our partners and Google partners: The loads shall be combined in accordance with the requirements set out for the relevant design procedure.


The loads given in Clause 4. A minimum of one day applies to the stripping of vertical faces where frost damage is likely Beam and slab soffits Forms Supporting members shores or backprops NOTES: No procedures shall be used that have the potential to cause damage to the permanent structure.

Sections 2, 3, 4 and 5 in this Standard Part 1 supersede Sections 2, 3 and 5, as well as Clause 4. Reissued incorporating Amendment Amendment No.

Where the sample formwirk less than the population the sample shall be randomly selected and the testing procedure shall be known as sample evaluation. Due to the large number of factors that affect colour consistency, some colour variations can always be expected.

Includes the time— i ii b c during handling and erection of the formwork structure; and once the formwork structure is erected, but prior to placement of concrete. Details of any inserts, waterstops, specially formed shapes or penetrations to be constructed, the location and details of which are critical to the serviceability of the permanent structure.

As Formwork for Concrete – PDF Free Download

ae Tolerances in AS take precedence where more stringent than those specified in this Section. Requirements of the project documentation which relate to formwork, as set out in Clause 2. Silica fume has a marked effect on the properties of fresh concrete and is frequently used in conjunction with superplasticizers.

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