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ARTEP DRILL. CHAPTER 1. Battle Drill Training. General. The goal of training is to produce combat ready units that respond to. Published version expected to field by end of June 88 ARTEP MTP, Supersedes drills in FMs , , , and ARTEP 2-Drill. ARTEP DRILLARMY TRAINING AND EVALUATON PROGRAM No. DRILL Headquarters Department of the Army Washington, DC.

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Tough, realistic, and intellectually and physically challenging training excites and motivates Soldiers and leaders. It describes a training method for small units. React to ambush far dismounted continued. By following the unit environmental SOP, the driol guidance that leaders publish in operation orders [OPORDs] and installation environmental regulations, Soldiers can help the Army meet its compliance goal.

Enemy contact is possible. With coil binding, you can fold the book open and lay it flay on the table if desired. The action is vital driol success in combat or critical to preserving life. Within the confines of safety and common sense, leaders must be willing to accept less-than-perfect results initially and demand realism in training.

Ensure Soldiers observe environmental protection standards. The reduced time-distance aspect of battle drills make them excellent opportunities for training during short periods that develop throughout the day. Compliance with environmental regulations is now atep necessary cost of doing business. Vehicle gunners in the kill zone immediately drll fire, while moving out of the kill zone. Implement controls by integrating them into plans, orders, standing operating procedures SOPstraining performance standards, and rehearsals.


Soldiers in the kill zone shift suppressive fires as the assaulting Soldiers fight through and destroy the enemy.

Force Protection Combat Readiness.

Artep 7 1 Drill – [PDF Document]

Customers driill bought this product also purchased If moving as part of a logistics patrol the vehicle gunners immediately suppress enemy positions and continue to move. Soldiers in disabled vehicles dismount and set up security while awaiting recovery. The goal of combat-level training is to achieve combat-level standards. Vehicle gunners and Soldiers outside of the kill zone identify the enemy positions, place well-aimed suppressive fire on the enemy, and shift fire as Soldiers assault the objective.

Artep 7 1 Drill

Reimer Training and Doctrine Digital Library at www. Dismount a Vehicle D Distribution authorized to United States U. Soldiers in vrill vehicles in the kill zone immediately obscure themselves from the enemy with smoke, dismount if drill, seek covered positions, and return fire.

They attempt to gain fire superiority to support the bound of the moving section. Make decisions and develop controls to reduce risks. The TC of the vehicle in contact sends contact report over the radio.

It details a training method for small units that require training individual tasks, leader tasks, and collective tasks before the conduct of critical wartime missions. Soldiers not receiving fire move along a covered and concealed route to the enemies flank in order to assault the enemy position.

FM Leadership Develpment – A leader identifies the enemy as a superior force, and makes the decision to break contact. An occupant of the vehicle has been injured and must be evacuated.


Unless otherwise stated, masculine nouns and pronouns do not refer exclusively to men. The Soldiers remove the xrtep from the vehicle so as not to cause further injury.

It is important to remember the commander is the safety officer, but all Soldiers and leaders are responsible for safe training.

Evacuate Wounded Personnel from Vehicle D The actions and standards for the drills in this manual reflect general tactical principles arteo allow changes based on conditions during execution. If cover is not available, immediately, without order or signal, assault through the kill zone. This determination was made on 24 February Battle Drill D Break Contact Battle Drill D Dismount a Vehicle Leaders droll tailor training to realistic, challenging, and attainable goals, increasing the difficulty of conditions as the unit becomes more proficient.

A battle drill is a collective action executed by a platoon or smaller element without the application of a deliberate decision-making process.

ARTEP 7-90, Drills for the Inf Mortar Plt, Sect, and Sq

Soldiers clear the area and establish local security. Soldiers administer first aid. Leaders should tailor training to realistic, challenging, and attainable goals, increasing the aftep of conditions as the unit becomes more proficient. The binding is coil binding, allowing you to open the book all of the way with no jamming of the pages. The enemy initiates contact with a direct fire weapon.