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PHILIP A. STADTER: Arrian of Nicomedia. Pp. xi+; m endpapers. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Pres. $ ‘All history is contemporary history. A comprehensive picture of the life and work of a major figure among the Greek- speaking authors of the Roman Empire. Arrian is our most reliable source for. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg.

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La cavalerie romaine au combat: It is possible that Arrian’s remark is a quotation from a remark by Ptolemy himself.

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Arrian was also known of by Aulus Gellius. Ptolemy and Aristobulus had been eyewitnesses. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.

Sources for Alexander the Great: Arrian’s Anabasis “journey up-country” is our most important source on the reign of Or. As a historian, his aim was to present his readers with the truth and to praise deserving people in a worthy style. A journey to the ends of the earth: Walter de Gruyter, Oxford University Press, 2 Aug Perizonius’s vindication of the author.

ArrianLatin in full Lucius Flavius Arrianusborn c.

Arrianus of Nicomedia (Lucius Flavius Arrianus; Arrian) – Brill Reference

A lf describing a plan of battle against the Alani was found in Milan around the 17th century which was thought at that time to belong to the History. Beginnings of the Persian expedition In ancient Greek civilization: Arrian read philosophy in Nicopolis, where the famous philosopher Epictetus c. The Age of the Successors.

Because the emperor was in Greece and Egypt, Arrian and Severus had several really important duties in Rome.


It can not be arian, but one hunting scene in Arrian’s Cynegeticus suggests autopsy. The Invasion of India by Alexander the Great, p. There were also a number of monographs or biographies, including of Dion of Syracuse, Timoleon nicomrdia Corinth, and Tilliborus, a brigand or robber of Asia minor, which are now lost. Please try again later. He was later to publish an Order of battle against the Alansin which he offered advice to other Roman commanders on fighting against nomads which is one of the few surviving sources on the marching order and battle formation of the Roman army.

Nifomedia 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. The possibility can not be excluded that the family received it from Lucius Flavius Silva, who was to capture Masada in 74 [ more ], but the main argument for this hypothesis is that he is almost the only known Lucius Flavius in the first nicomddia – which probably says more about the gaps in our knowledge. Oxford University Press, Tradition and Originality — Classical Philology Vol. Containing a philosophical enquiry into the nature and properties of the scent; observations on This remarkable text probably tells less about India than about the literary tastes of Arrian’s age.

There are eight extant works cf. The Discourses are also known as Diatribai and are apparently a verbatim recording of Epictetus’ lectures.

The Anabasis of Alexander by Arrian

Like Cleitarchus, Arrian tried to give some sort of assessment of Alexander, but his opinion is the opposite of Cleitarchus’, who had presented the Macedonian king as a young prince corrupted by his constant success. This appointment proves that Arrian had more military experience than we know of, because no Roman emperor would ever give the command of two legions to man without experience.

For a period, some time about AD, he was a friend of the emperor Hadrianwho appointed him to the Senate. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. A lost work of seventeen books, fragments of Parthica were maintained by the Suda and Stephen of Byzantium.


The work, however, does contain some fine pieces of descriptive writing, such as the account of the siege and capture of Tyre in Book II. History of the Diadochi or Events after Alexander is a work originally of zrrian books; a commentary on this work was written by Photius FW Walbank, p. Help Center Find new research papers in: Learn More in these related Britannica articles: Robert Appleton Company [Retrieved ] ed.

Another indication is that perhaps already as a young man, Arrian held the priesthood of Demeter and Kore, the most important in Nicomedia. However, we are absolutely certain that he was consul in ortogether with a man named Severus. Wikisource has original text related to this nicmedia It is a writing addressed to the Emperor Hadrian. Methods and means of warfare — Overview [Retrieved ] ed.

The Anabasis of Alexander. The aesthetics and politics of inscriptions in imperial Greek literature. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted, and if it meets our criteria, we’ll add it to the article. Perhaps he was in Africa inwhen Hadrian visited this province. Arrian was of Greek stock, from the provincial aristocracy nnicomedia Bithynia.

Whoever awarded the family citizenship, the family must have been important among the Bithynians. Share your thoughts nicomeria other customers. Baker and others [Retrieved ] ed.