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TB 5 PROCEDURES FOR SELECTION, TRAINING, TESTING AND QUALIFYING OPER EQUIPMENT/SYSTEMS, EXCLUDING. Army motor vehicle drivers and ground support equipment operators (paras and .. tained in FM , FM , TB ,. TB , AR. AR and is designed for use in conjunction with TB ,. Procedures for Licensing Operators of Equipment Managed by the U.S. Army Mobility Equip-.

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However, most class A and B vehi. The supervisor or commander will check with appropriate medical personnel regarding doubts or concerns about any medications. Driving outside the United States or U. The ledger will be organized by date sequence and will include date of 6001, expiration date, permit number, name of the 600–1, type of equipment qualified to operate, and a remarks block. Answers to sample examination questions, page 44 Figure List Figure 3—1: A qualified NVD instructor must supervise all instruction.

Environmental Protection and Enhancement. This training will be directed towards identifying and correcting individual weaknesses and not as a form of punishment.

When it is used to transport passengers. All efforts will be employed to provide needed reinforcement of subjects previously taught in initial and refresher training. Section I Required Publications. The issuing official is the commanding officer or representative authorized in writing by the commanding officer.

Appendix E provides requirements for commanders th use in designing training pro- grams. Equipment Inspection and Maintenance Worksheet.

Medical Examination; Certificate of Physical Examination. Chapter 1 Introduction 1—1. Examples of this are—. Proponent and exception authority. How do you account for your good or poor driving record?


For these types of errors, the gaining unit may add the missing information or line through the illegible entry and rewrite the entry on the next line and initial next to the correction. Have 060-1 had any experience as an automobile mechanic or in related work?

Driver Fault Accident — Any accident that could have been prevented by the unit operator.

driver’s training ncoic/license examiner

In such cases, appropriate headquarters will make available necessary equipment, test materials, or qualified test supervisors. Equipment Maintenance and Inspection Worksheet.

How much experience have you had driving a passenger car? This training will include instructions on the tbb outlined in appendix H and tv be annotated atmy DA Formsection III, upon completion.

I will familiarize myself thoroughly with all such regulations and laws. This stamp will be placed over the title of the form so that it does not interfere with the information contained in the blocks. Instructors will use available training materials. Prior to being issued an OF or DA Form —E, individuals must pass all physical evaluation measures listed in appendix D and successfully complete introductory classroom training.

Crane Air Vehicle Transporter: The testing of one vehicle utilizing NVDs will not qualify an individual for all other vehicles. Chapter 7 Mechanical or Ground Support Equipment 7—1. Requirements for Hazardous Materials Endorsement.

For example, if section III states that the driver received winter driving training, but the entry is not dated or not initialed, the Soldier may have a training certificate to verify the date that he or she received the training.


This program is managed and scheduled on training schedules like other training events in the unit. Award will be forwarded to the Battalion for approval. Chapter 6 Licenses 6—1. In order to receive credit, the Soldier must be retested or retrained.

Interview factors to consider When a commander needs to select an individual to be a driver, or when the number of Soldiers available for training exceeds the number needed, an interview can be used to select personnel. Military personnel are required to undergo periodic medical examinations by qualified med.

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General Information, Regulations, and Definitions. Complete administrative data hb. What do you think is the major cause of traffic accidents? Mobile testing teams may be desirable in some areas.

driver’s training ncoic/license examiner

In organizations without a transportation officer, the motor maintenance officer 600-1 a designated individual may be assigned this function. They make limited use of otherwise qualified individuals whose status or condition precludes issuance of a standard permit.

A cargo truck is normally a class D vehicle, but under some circumstances is classified as a class C vehicle, and the driver must have a class C CDL with the required endorsements.