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Results 1 – 6 of 6 Discover Book Depository’s huge selection of Andrzej-Buko books online. Free delivery Archeologia Polski wczesnośredniowiecznej/Trio. Książka Archeologia Polski wczesnośredniowiecznej / Andrzej Buko, Trio, 47,67 zł, okładka twarda. Instytut Archeologii i Etnologii ; Polska Akademia Nauk. Instytut Historii Kultury Materialnej. Publisher: Instytut Archeologii i Etnologii Polskiej.

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Medieval cemeteriesPottery fragmentationand potsherds and site stratification processes. Edilizia residenziale in Europa centro-settentrionale secoli IX-X more.

of Scientific Institutes – Archeologia Polski T. 48 () Z. , Kronika

For that reason it is justifiable to associate them with the symbolic sphere. The article’s aim is to show whether this theory is supported by the results of empirical studies. Questions mentioned above are decisive for archaeological interpretation. It is not surprising that the expectations of both historians and archaeologists towards excavations conducted in the town area and the entire region were high from the very beginning.

Urban archaeologyMedieval Townsand Early Urbanisation. Discoveries — Hypotheses — Interpretations more. He states that the term Medieval Pomerania and early trade. The stronghold, composed of several ramparts, take up approx. We should not forget though that the finds of which we speak did not find imitations in later times. Archeologia Viva, no 1, Both were located at a strategic junction of roads which allowed control of a ford across the Vistula.


Little Poland had never been a single territorial, cultural or political unit.

According to the oldest cronicles of Gallus Anonymous and Master Vincentius they constitute the foundations of the As in archaeology we often deal with incomplete material, the height of pottery is one of those parametrswhich are difficult to establish.

Such functions could have been fulfilled by a center which would take over the main political and administrative functions of the Gniezno state in the region, at least until Cracow was gained from the Bohemians. For many archaeologists such finds are treated as an indicator The special role played the East Little Poland – the Location Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland.

Although many of them played a key role in the strengthening of the state of Polanie, not all of them became towns.

Andrzej Buko

Furthermore, despite their diversity, there are no symbols which occur only at that site. In this region they are some phenomena of distinguishing it from others. New Research Results and Challenges more.

Beside early medieval settlements, the important topic of many Labuda ; w cytowanej pracy literatura.

The oldest settlements and towns on Polish Lands were established in the second half of 10th century, when the Polish state was born. Pottery ArchaeologyQuantitative analysisand Fragmentation. To answer such questions, ethnoarchaeological studies of two selected rural cemeteries were carried out.

The period covering the 12th and 13th c.

That is why the basic task of the Piast dynasty was to create a strategic outpost there. It was noted that the changes could be defined on the axis of time and that often certain groups of products could be attributed to groups It is the first scientific publication of the interdisciplinary research concerning one of the key architectural monuments from the medieval Polish — Rus border. I also indicate other possibilities of interpreting the existing archaeological sources and the possible ways in further research.


Mediaeval historians as well as archaeologists have been intrigued by the beginning of Christianity in Poland. Medieval Archaeology and Chronology. The studies carried out by the author showed, that in medieval grave pits they are, as a rule, very few and very small potsherds. But, on the other hand, there is no one consistent pattern.

Douglas Priceand Tomasz Purowski.

Pottery ArchaeologyPottery classificationWczesnoredniowicznej fragmentationPottery Description TechniquesPottery Analysesand potsherds and site stratification processes. The latter is the only one which has survived throughout the centuries in its almost original form, even though it was modified and restored in the past.

The wide range of pottery functions, 4.