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Ballet Mécanique (), the original version of which we propose to re-enact ( slightly revamped), was an attempt by the American composer George Antheil. Antheil’s Paris debut was a riot – literally – and his reputation was sealed by a single work, Ballet Mécanique, which demanded a futuristic.

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The crudeness, variety, humor, and downright perfection of certain men around me, their precise sense of utilitarian reality and its application in the midst of the life-and-death drama we were in Sixteen mechanical pianos flanked by helicopter blades, sirens, eight bells, three xylophones and numerous percussion instruments.

Unfortunately, these piano rolls are now thought to be lost. This thesis, and the implications that it originates, has been greatly reinforced in with the publication of the original reconstruction of kinematic synchronism according to it in the bballet Canonical version. The image of a Cubist -style paper puppet of Charlot, anntheil Leger, appears several times in the film.

Ballet Mécanique – Wikipedia

The form was cast in one piece “like a tree made of steel, while anthheil style was at times cool and glistening and at other times burning like an electric oven”. In her book Dudley Murphy: At its various premieres, it caused tremendous controversy, not to mention fistfights.

The true film score must have ballt much simpler and more precise, and possibly the one that would end up orchestrating in Find out more about our use of this dataand also our policy on profanity Find out more about our use of this data. This version was performed, using 10 human-played pianos, in Paris in and in an extremely ill-fated concert at New York’s Carnegie Hall inwhere it created such a fiasco–technically, musically, and sociologically–that it was not bzllet again for over 60 years.


Clips taken from original discs may contain strong language. They stay in better rhythmic agreement here and give a more ordered feel to this section. Antheil himself was not a Dadaist, though he had many friends and supporters in that community. Views Read Edit View history. Mecnique is a great chance to check out one of the least heard but most notorious works of Dudley Murphy Man Ray.

George Antheil : Ballet mécanique

Antheil uses pianolas for things that would be difficult for human players a 7-note chord at m, for example. Natheil from ” https: It alternates between irregular measures of complete silence and pianola with percussion.

The original orchestration called for 16 player pianos or pianolas in four parts, 2 regular pianos, 3 xylophonesat least 7 electric bells3 propellerssiren4 bass drumsand 1 tam-tam. The score indicates the last balpet of the piece to be ended with the pianos and drums only, but modern performances have the xylophones joining back in and doubling the melody of the pianolas to create a more firm, solid, and recognizable ending.

However, at the Carnegie Hall premiere on 10 April bwllet, the fans were positioned to blow into the audience, upsetting the patrons. A’ — Xylophones return anfheil triple meter to recall Theme 1 m It is considered one of the masterpieces of early experimental filmmaking.


Ballet mécanique (Antheil, George)

Pas eind jaren negentig werd een poging gedaan om balleet oorspronkelijke intentie, een gesychroniseerde uitvoering van beeld en klank, mogelijk te maken.

Antheil wrote several versions of the piece. George Antheil was an American concert pianist and composer who made his mark in Paris in the ‘s as a genuine enfant terrible, courting controversy and working hard for his notoriety.

In September he almost died after a mustard gas attack by the German troops at Verdun. In response to the technical difficulties, Antheil quickly re-arranged the piano parts, changing the orchestration to include unspecified multiple of two conventional pianos and a single player piano. As it turned out, there was no way to keep so many pianolas synchronized, so early performances combined the four parts into a single set of pianola rolls and augmented the two human-played pianos with 6 or more additional instruments.

The musical work runs close to 30 minutes, while the film is about 19 minutes long. InPaul Lehrman produced a married print of the film. After the concert, there were some fights in the street.

Early American Avant Garde Film —, [7] its timing with the film it is still in full debate today. Antheil en mettrait seize. The melody is mostly built from parallel series of consonant chords, sometimes sounding pentatonic but often making no tonal sense at all.